In a statement to the Independent-News, Sheriff Randy Adams made a stance regarding the new law, SB 143, which was signed by Governor Steve Sisolack requiring that licensed gun dealers run background checks on all private gun transfers.

“While we can’t pick and choose which laws we can enforce, this law [SB143] is poorly written,” Adams explained. “I don’t agree with the law as it is poorly written, unenforceable as written and therefore my department won’t be wasting our already limited resources enforcing this.”

Adams joins other Nevada sheriff’s who has declared this law to be unenforceable from the following counties: Eureka; Churchill; Elko; Pershing; Douglas; Lincoln; Nye and White Pine.

Sisolak issued a statement pledging to work with Nevada sheriff’s stating “to review ways to enforce this law, as is the case with all other Nevada laws that elected officers are sworn to uphold.”