Proactive policing paid off for the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office over this past weekend when Deputy Matthew Goodrich was able to conclude a crime on a positive outcome.

On Sept. 14, approximately $700 cash was taken from the wallet of a victim while he was sleeping. Following leads around town, Goodrich put word out that he was looking for the perpetrator in the crime.

On Monday, Sept. 22 after hearing that Goodrich wanted to contact her, Tanya Curtis, went to the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office to make contact with the deputy. The crime she was being interviewed for was alleged larceny.

Goodrich stated he was impressed with Curtis’ maturity and integrity; she sought him out and provided him information of her involvement in the alleged larceny.

It is his hopes that Curtis can move forward and put the incident behind her. He reminds those that she is presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

As of the date of her arrest, she remains in the custody of the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office on a bail amount of $25,000 cash or bond.