By Stephen Tool, MCIN Staff

A juvenile who allegedly made a March 28 Facebook threat toward a Mineral County school teacher is facing criminal charges and expulsion.

Sheriff Stewart Handte said his office learned of the initial threat Monday morning.

“All I can tell you at this time is that the suspect is a male juvenile,” Handte said.

Mineral County School Superintendent Chris Schulz sent out a letter to parents informing them of the incident and assured them that the school district and sheriff’s department had the situation well in hand.

Sheriff’s deputies will maintain a safety presence around the school for the foreseeable future.

“This is serious; a boy threatened a teacher’s life. I’m going to a high school assembly this Friday to discuss social media threats.  I will not allow harassment, stalking or cyber bullying to take place in this county,” Handte said.

The teacher came down to the sheriff’s office early on the morning of March 31.

“Sergeant Boyles completed a preliminary report; it was submitted to the District Attorney’s office by that afternoon,” Handte said.

The boy was not apprehended at the school. According to Handte, the boy had decided he would no longer attend school as the situation unraveled.

School officials helped the suspect with this decision.

“Now he doesn’t have to decide whether he’ll go to school or not; the superintendent decided for him: He will not be allowed to go to school,” Handte said.

Handte said he offered other advice for school officials: “You need to treat this as seriously as it needs to be treated,” he said. “When a student threatens the life of a teacher, you have no choice but to expel him. He will face retribution from the criminal justice system for his acts.”

The student is currently held in custoday in Carson City.