During the June 18 commissioners meeting, Bureau of Land Management representative Terri Knutson gave a report on drought conditions and the relative well-being of the wild horses around the base. “The horses are looking good as a matter of fact. It looks like they have plenty of feed and water,” Knutson said.

This piqued the interest of Commissioner Cliff Cichowlaz. “Is the BLM looking for another site for their horses?” Cichowlaz asked.

“Yes,” Knutson responded.

“Why isn’t the base looking at it then? I’m serious; we’re looking for economic development. The land’s not going to flood again and the UXO (unexploded ordinance) is getting cleaned up,” Cichowlaz said.

“We’ll get on it,” said Knutson.

“I just did. I’m going to put this on the list. I think this is something for economic development, and it’s a thing for BLM. It’s the right thing and the right conditions,” said Cichowlaz.

“If we can mess this around with veterans and have them run the place, it might be the right thing to do. Maybe you (the BLM) take it on as initiative and we take it on as initiative,” Cichowlaz said.

Commissioner Jerrie Tipton said she thought the idea was wonderful and hated to pour cold water on it, but she thought the base already had as many horses as it could hold.

“I’m looking for anything that might provide economic development. I’m looking for a partnership between the Army and the BLM,” Cichhowlaz said.

“I’m not against it, not at all,” Knutson said.