Students and parents sing at a morning promotion ceremony for kindergartners at Schurz Elementary.

A school auditorium packs out when it comes to the first promotion of kindergarten kids in a school assembly. The family members seem to all show up, ready to take pictures that capture their little ones accepting their completion awards.

At Schurz Elementary School, nine little ones walked in wearing their mini red cap and gowns, all geared up to sing five songs as part of their morning program, hosted by their teacher Stacy King. Principal Mike Domagala was quick to share his pride in the accomplishment of the children’s first year in school, with a personal applause to all his teachers and staff. The highlight of the program came when each of the nine graduates brought up an adult audience member to sing a song called Tooty-Ta, which included the adults doing all of the choreography which the children had learned. This brought smiles and laughter to the event, in a celebration of success.

At the Hawthorne Elementary, Principal Stephanie Keuhey welcomed the crowd, as well as introducing the hosting kindergarten teachers, TaraLynn Musselman and Staci Madrid. This large group of children brought songs and smiles and were awarded specialty awards which only a kindergarten class could understand. Awards such as “The Shoe Sheriff Award” or “The Hug-Bug Award” or “The Brilliant Behavior Award” were among the many titles the children were honored with. Academic awards were also given for Alphabet Stars, Honor Roll a stand out certificate went to student Shelly Graham for her ability to master over 200 sight words.

Graham was also awarded the Principal Award for outstanding achievement, with her teacher, Madrid stating, “Shelly is the highest reading student I have ever had in my teaching career. She makes efforts to learn and has a strong support at home to reinforce her desire to learn.”

With all the witty and fun planning behind each kindergarten graduation, one award stood out as an example to all students. “The Strong-Armed Award” was presented by Principal Keuhey to all the young kids who always raised their hands to get a question answered. Even several adults in the audience commented that this should be an award which matters for all 12 years of a student’s life.