Eureka closed the doors on the Lady Serpents softball team on May 9, in snow-riddled games in Eureka. Despite the Serpents’ record, Coach Courtney Quintero is truly optimistic.

“We lost both games. In the second game it started really snowing and it ended up getting called,” Quintero said.

“Amanda  ( Rivero ) had to pitch and she ended up with a few strikeouts. She struggled, but she’s getting it—she did pretty well. We didn’t end up losing by that much,” Quintero said.

“They made plays and the team did pretty well. A lot of our kids are sick and the rest were playing positions they weren’t used to—but they’re working on it,” Quintero explained.

Quintero is optimistic because she’s only losing one senior. She laughed before saying she hoped all the current players would return from this year.

Quintero lamented that no summer softball program exists for the girls, but she isn’t letting that stop her. “This summer, Coach Rivero and I will come down here to work with the kids. Just working on things to keep them going and keep them interested for next year,” Quintero noted.

“I try to be firm but fair with the kids, and I have a good rapport with them. They’re excited about practicing for the summer. We were hoping to get them up to Reno for a UNR game, but with scheduling, it’ll have to be an Aces game. It’s all baseball,” Quintero said.

“I’d also like to thank everyone in the community who participated in our Taco Feed fundraiser, and the school for allowing the use of their facilities. Me and the girls cooked tacos all day, and we made over $1000,” Quintero said.

“Next year we’ll be contenders; it won’t be a season like this year,” Quintero concluded.