On May 9, Eureka dashed the boys baseball team hopes for competing in Zone, the playoffs. The Serpents dropped both ends of a doubleheader in Eureka.

“I think if we’d have won both games in Eureka, we might have had a chance at Zone. It didn’t work out. We lost a doubleheader that was snowing when we got there and snowing when we got out,” said Coach Darren Hamrey.

“Victor (Williams) started the first game and gave up two home runs, but then he answered back by hitting two of his own.  Both were dead centerfield shots and one went off the scoreboard. That gave him three for the season and one inside-the-parker,” Hamrey said.

“Williams threw most of the game and we ended up bringing in Brandon West to close. I don’t remember the score, but we only lost by a couple of runs,” Hamrey noted.

“The second game, they just ended up getting a run here and a run there and we didn’t answer. They ended up ten-running us, it was 12-2. Once again, we ended up getting runners on and we left them stranded. That’s plagued us all year long,” Hamrey explained.

“Matthew Blazewick started the second game and I relieved him after two innings with Isaiah Crowl. He threw pretty well for a couple of innings. They’d get on him a little bit and he’d bounce back,” Hamrey said.

“We made some really good plays. Owens made a couple of sweet plays at second base, but you don’t win games leaving runner on base,” Hamrey said.

“On a positive note, we had a lot of growth between the beginning of the season and the end. We were defensively starting to figure it out along with our understanding of the mental approach to the game on offense,” Hamrey explained.

“I feel pretty confident going into next season. We’re only losing three seniors and we’ll have two juniors back. Most of the team is freshmen and sophomores,” Hamrey said.

“As they play, they’ll get more confidence, I’m looking for us to be a real force in the next couple of years,” Hamrey concluded.