Dear Editor,

I would also like to welcome GEN to Mineral County. As for the letter to the editor I read in the May 1 edition of our fine newspaper, it sounds to me that the commissioners are up to their same old b.s. I don’t think the commissioners that are in office now know the meaning of professionalism; let alone how to spell it.

In talking to several citizens, including business people, it seems they want the county to die, as long as they get their four, eight or 12 year term in to go along with their retirement income.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. What happened to the flour mill company? Does anyone know? My guess – the same old b.s. in one way or another.

As for the clean-up in Mineral County or I might say the so called “new” ordinance that was passed and so called put into motion on July 1, 2013, yes that’s right folks, 2013. Almost a year has gone by and as far as I can see there has been nothing done. Oh yes, that mean a big zero. Except for the junk the Sheriff’s Office has had taken off the streets and pedestrian easement. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s the dirt area between the pavement and one’s property line. 

Its county property, not public parking or storage area, or in some cases, living area.

It’s very sad some couple such as my wife and I bought property here for our retirement years, eight years ago and are thinking very seriously about putting our home up for sale and I’m sure it will take two to four years to sell it. Not to mention at a loss of $30 to $40, 000. 

This is such a rich paradise to live in. I guess Hawthorne doesn’t need our $16,000 a year plus help with the economy. This is exactly what Mineral County doesn’t need is people moving away. We need more people moving here.

Wake up commissioners, you all have been dormant too long.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

Butch Seymour


Dear Editor,

Citizens of Mineral County, I was listening to Channel 8 News early Monday morning and to my pleasant surprise there was Sheriff Stewart Handte and Wanda Nixon promoting Armed Forces Day events. It has been a long time since we have had such positive representation of our community and I was so proud of them. 

When times are not so good, we have a lot of negative attitude and forget the wonderful citizens who volunteer so much of their time. Their only reward is making a better community for all of us.

Not to be left out was the sheriff’s beautiful dog representing all the pets. He was also very professional and well mannered.

Thank you volunteers for your tireless work.

Patti Stroebel


Dear Editor,

I am a 78 year old senior citizen who with the other two groups of losers have brought Mineral County down to the level of possibly disappearing from this planet.

The seniors probably spend more time and money at the hospital and nursing home than any of the other ‘losers’. They pay taxes on homes. They buy groceries for themselves and pets. They buy gas for their cars. Some gamble and eat out and have a few bar drinks. They use propane; electricity and utilities. All these purchases involve employment for people.

The Constitution gives all “We the People” the right to oppose anyone. The only “Me the People” I hear is King MacBeth. No one has the right to disagree with him. 

So what can be done with these three losing groups? Do I smell crowded camps? Gas chambers; ovens and Nazism? Do I hear “Heil, MacBeth”?

Mineral is a small county and Hawthorne is a small town. Mineral is a county, not a country. Stop with the tyranny and listen to the people even though you feel they are Neanderthals. Perhaps Mr. MacBeth cannot do that. 

To quote Aesop, “A tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.”

P.S. Hawthorne has a terrific fire department and law officers with a great, new sheriff. I hope MacBeth has no drastic changes for them.

Phyllis Conger


Dear Editor, 

This is a public response to Commissioner Paul MacBeth’s letter to the editor in the 5/8/14 edition of your paper.
Dear Mr. MacBeth, although the majority of your long winded patting yourself on the back letter was addressed to what you call support of the people because they did not sign to recall you, the reality is that they did not support spending that much taxpayer money to get rid of you. Numerous people have stated get rid of the horrid law, we will take care of Mr. MacBeth when he comes back up for election.
Not that I would want to hinder your obvious arrogance at all, but I thought that worthy to mention. However the main reason of this letter is to correct a very false statement that you made.
You openly and directly accused me of being ‘anti-government’ and that could not be any further from the truth or reality. It is through government and Democracy that we have worked to attempt to eliminate you from the Board of Commissioners and we are utilizing the same government in our current attempt to get the horrendous law you helped put in repealed. I for one as well as the others on the Mineral County PAC for Limited Government fully believe in and support government of ‘We The People’.

We do not believe in or support those who would use their own ego’s and agendas to pervert the government of ‘We The People’ and abuse governments power and authority. It is because we are NOT ‘anti-government’ that makes us willing to stand up against those who are anti-government and pro dictatorial attitude. We firmly believe majority rule means the majority of ‘We The People’ instead of rule by a majority of two Commissioners over ‘We The People’. We believe in a government of ‘We The People’ and have no intentions of sitting back quietly while these Commissioners usurp Constitutional limitations of our proper government.

Anti-Government? NOPE! Anti-Socialist? 100%!!!! And it still is not personal!

Glen Inlow

Chairman, Mineral County PAC