Dear Editor,


To the good people of Mineral County, have you heard that the commissioners approved to have a fee charged when you take any trash to the landfill? Now, we are charged for our blue trash can, a monthly fee on our utility bill and we pay a land fill tax on our property taxes each year. Too much is too much!!

There is going be some people that will dump in the desert again, because they don’t have the money or won’t pay the dump fee. Oh, some will be caught and cited, but most will not. So much for the Brownsfield desert cleanup. What about the alleys? People are going put things in the alleys again making them look bad. Hawthorne Utilities says you’re responsible for the alley behind your house. There are not that many people that clean up the alley behind their house. The alley just becomes another place for trash. How about the money that will be changing hands at the landfill?

Who will be monitoring the fees that would come in? Cash money does not have a paper trail! Maybe I’ll drive to the Mina transfer station and dump there for free. Or will they get a gatekeeper and charge there too? I urge the good people of Mineral County to speak up against this! Enough is enough!

If this does not get resolved positively for the taxpayers of Mineral County, the County Commissioners may be faced with a tough battle in the next election!

A Concerned Taxpayer

R. L. Dudley

Dear Editor,

How do those who support more government control continue to support the commissioners power grab? They have increased their powers to enlarge the county building and fire codes; yet two of these same commissioners already used parts of International Codes incorporated into county law to grant the county the right to fine private property owners without the benefit of trial or due process in a court of law. Fines up to $500 per day for each day that the owner does not paint their house, repair their fence, side their buildings in accordance to their neighbors, or simply does not have a building that measures up to the standards of their neighbors in the viewpoint of one man (building inspector).

When these commissioners placed into county law this horrendous legislation that destroys private property rights, while placing potential ridiculous undo financial burden on the property owners, and used International Codes to assist them, they have demonstrated what we can expect with this new expanded code adoption of power.

It seems certain people have a problem with the expense of a special recall election upon the county. First and foremost if the county commissioner being petitioned for recall resigns within one week from the time of turning in the petition with the adequate number of signatures then there is no special election. Second if no one successfully petitions to be on the ballot to fill the vacancy there is no recall election. The Governor of Nevada then assigns a replacement to complete the ousted commissioners term.

The Nevada State Constitution and Nevada Revised Statutes guarantee Nevadans the right to petition for recall elections whenever we deem that our legislators are not legislating in compliance to the benefit of the people. If that right is not used when it is needed, then obviously the legislators will rule however they desire regardless of the wishes of the people. If in fact any great expense is incurred, then the responsibility for that expense falls upon the one or ones who violate the public trust and refuse to step down. It does not fall on the people being forced to lawfully defend against their actions!

The truth of the matter is that finally standing up to these abhorrent unconstitutional actions regardless of the expense will cause any and all future commissioners to walk carefully on treading on the toes of their constituents. Freedom is never free!

Glen H. Inlow

Dear Editor,

In the newspaper the week of Dec. 12 in the County Commission Roundup Article, the board voted to spend between $5,000 and $10,000 to help with the extension of the boat ramp at Walker Lake. Good idea if it would bring in some revenue but at this time I don’t think it will. Couldn’t this portion of the PILT money to put to better use like more stop signs; cross walks; and stripping in Mineral County? I just don’t get it. Why in the hell is public safety at the bottom of the list in Mineral County? As far as my Letter to the Editor in last week’s newspaper when I wrote someone needs to be flat out fired, in no way was it directed at Mr. MacBeth. I do not know the man. As far as I know he may be doing an excellent job. I might add anyone who does not agree that the ordnance on blight in Mineral County should be flat out fired and it doesn’t matter what part of the local government you are in. Thanks for reading and Have a nice day.

Butch Seymour