Dear Editor,

Since ending my 35 year career, six years ago, with the Mineral County Assessor’soffice, the final 14 years as the Assessor, I had no intention of ever involving myself in any political issues again. However, I felt it was necessary to offer some clarity to statements that were published in Dorothy Fowlers Notices. In one Notice she states her statement was her personal opinion and in the other she states she has re-read the article and apologizes for the untruth. Although this appears to be a shade of grey to me, I choose to accept the latter and accept the apology.

With that said, I was however, disheartened to read another misleading and untrue statement where she states “My predecessor was not a certified appraiser and that was when I determined that I would become both a real and personal property appraiser and it takes time to become certified also.” If she is referring to her predecessor as being the person who was appointed as Temporary Assessor when I retired, that person was my Chief Deputy Assessor and she was in fact certified in all three classifications. If she is however, referring to me as her predecessor, my not being certified had nothing whatsoever to do with her ‘determination’ to become certified. The fact is, I hired Mrs. Fowler six months after I took office in 1995 for the position of “Appraiser Trainee.” The position had a 2 year certification requirement to it and she would have had to ‘determine to become certified’ at that time or I would not have hired her. As far as when she determined to become a personal property appraiser, I do not know. The fact is, she never determined to become certified in personal property while she was employed by me nor was she ever required to become certified in personal property under my watch.

During my entire 14 years as the Assessor, my office was always staffed with at least one certified real property appraiser as was required by statute. Shortly before I retired, the state required that I also have a certified personal property appraiser on staff which I also complied with in short order. Our office always met every mandated reporting deadline and every statutory requirement was complied with. The Ratio Studies (State audit reports) that my office received throughout all of those years will confirm this and I always credited my various staff employees during those long and difficult 14 years for making that possible.

I firmly believe that the people of Mineral County deserve to be told the truth by every individual that wants to serve and represent them and that was my reason for writing this letter. Personal opinions come and go but the facts speak for themselves and they allow the voters the opportunity to make informed decisions.

In closing, I will say that I do not miss the politics that goes with the territory of running for office. Since retiring, I am enjoying spending every opportunity I have with our 3 beautiful great grandbabies, ages two, one and 6 months. So much fun! Enough said.


Gloria Hughes

Former Mineral County Assessor

Dear Editor,

Prior to the beginning of the early voting it is essential to clarify some of the ballot issues. I have been getting much correspondence from confused voters.

On County question #1 School Bond issue, a ‘YES’ vote keeps our tax money going to the school board to benefit our children. A ‘NO’ vote takes over $300,000. of our tax money away from the school children and gives it to the Commissioners to aid in their spending spree! The School children will lose those benefits and in my opinion the County will ultimately still be broke. Two of the three Commissioners stated that if the School can’t continue to operate without that money then they would ship our children to Yerington.

County Question #2 repealing the Newest version of the Nuisance Abatement Ordinance, A ‘YES’ vote will repeal (do away with) the newest version of the Nuisance Abatement Ordinance and return it back to the one we had for about 10 years. A ‘NO’ vote will keep the, in essence, mandatory keep up with the Jones Law in place! In my opinion if the NO’S win then the poor, the elderly, those on fixed incomes, and the common man loose.

A vote for Randy Adams will return our Sheriff Department back to a Department that is NOT lead by a man who has a history of being terminated, forced to resign, or resigned under unfavorable conditions from previous Law Enforcement positions. Court documents and Newspaper articles or email me at and I will provide the online copies for you and more.

I know as a Law abiding citizen I will feel a whole lot safer if Randy Adams is our next Sheriff!!!!

Glen H. Inlow


Dear Editor,

Any and all County Commissioners who make it legal to hand out $500 a day fines on the poor people of the valley in an underhanded unscrupulous effort to increase the property value of the power grabbers in the valley, should be fired for abuse of power, along with the power tripping Sheriff they dumped on us and the power tripping undersheriff he dumped on us.

Elections are coming up, we can send a message to the valleys power grabbers we no longer buy into their fear propaganda campaigns that it’s the humble folks of the county that threaten our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and justice for all, and not the confiscating, ticket handing power grabbers themselves.

In all due respect for liberty and justice for all,

Sincerely yours.

Wilken D. Jones


Dear Editor,

Recently I have read in the paper – letters to the editor of people praising Sheriff Handte for the great job he has done for this county, I would like to express how Sheriff Handte has handled the incidences that has occurred this past week.

On Sept. 20, Saturday evening I was informed by many people and concerned friends about a dispatch broadcast on the red channel scanner, which by the way at least half the town has, it was concerning te church on 6th & C Street, the last known address of my niece and nephews. So being a concerned aunt and wanting to no the children were safe I asked the police department to do a welfare check on the children.

A deputy spoke with me and a few other concerned relatives the deputy said he would go and check the children. The officer left and returned in 5 to 10 minutes. The officer told us all he woke up and spoke to the children.

On Monday, Sept. 22, the Sheriff himself called me wanted the names of the people who called me about the dispatch broadcast. When I told him I didn’t need to give him the names my concern was the children, he Sheriff Handte said the DA was ready to charge me with falsifying a police report, using scare tactics however, I don’t scare so easily because no police report was ever made. What you sir call rumors was heard by half the town. So you do the math! I get it election is coming up soon.

Well, I hope I can find some Randy Adams for Sheriff signs soon I believe him to be more fit and sincere to our adults as well as helping children.

Thanks for lening me your ear,

Patricia Lucas


Dear Editor,

I normally don’t get involved in the political bantering that occurs during an election year. I don’t get involved when people write really ridiculous things in your “letter to the editor” section—and there have been some crazy ones recently! Mr. Inlow has referenced an Internet article about Steve McBride. What he didn’t elaborate on was the article was written in 2006 and that McBride was never convicted of any charges.

So I will give you some first-hand, recent “facts” about McBride. McBride worked for me as an armed security supervisor fairly recently. He was able to pass several types of back ground investigations –a local area check for any arrests or warrants, a federal background check thru the Office of Personnel Management to obtain a DOD secret clearance, a State of Nevada background check through the Private Investigators Licensing Board to work as an armed guard, and another federal check through the BTAF in order to carry a weapon and to work in our profession. Since Handte has been around law enforcement for a long time, I would wager that he did yet another background investigation on McBride before he hired him as the Under Sherriff.

He was not convicted of anything and he does not have a felony on his record, he has passed all these various background investigations. I do know that he has been investigated by several different local, state and federal agencies that say it’s OK for him to work in security and Law Enforcement and carry a weapon. He even passed a polygraph test. Remember, anyone can be charged in an incident. They are innocent until proven guilty.

Everyone has a past, including Inlow and myself. Is there anyone that hasn’t thought “I could have handled that better?” at some point in their life. People that know McBride and me would probably tell you we don’t always see eye-to-eye on everything—and that’s OK. But I take offense that someone would try and taint his reputation and destroy his livelihood, like Inlow was attempting, on half-truths and innuendos. Shame on you Mr. Inlow. I cannot speak for Randy Adams, but I don’t believe he would like those tactics either.

Under Sheriff McBride and Sheriff Handte, I appreciate what you have been trying to do in Hawthorne. I appreciate your open door policy and trying to be more of a presence in the community. Good luck in the upcoming election.

Thank you for listening. I am sure there will a new onslaught of vile comments from some over this letter, but you just don’t tag someone with a label based on an Internet article.

Cheri Bryant


Dear Editor,

We are writing in support of Stewart Handte for Mineral County Sheriff. We have known Sheriff Handte for over twenty years. Both my wife and I worked with Sheriff Handte when he was with the Nevada Highway Patrol. I am a retired Washoe County Sheriff Deputy and my wife was a dispatcher with Nevada Highway Patrol.

We come to Hawthorne to visit family and friends several times per year. Since Sheriff Handte was appointed Sheriff, we have noticed the town is more visually appealing because of code enforcement. Sheriff Handte is “cleaning” up the town to make it better and thus will be appealing to new businesses.

Mineral County is seeking to bring in new business. With the new truck fuel station and Green Energy Nevada starting up, more businesses will come on board because Sheriff Handte is helping to make Hawthorne a better place to live, work and play.

Sheriff Handte is dedicated to protecting the residents of Mineral County. He has often been seen patrolling the streets at night, and he has extensive training in drug interdiction; the MCSO and Nevada Highway Patrol have already proven this with the recent drug arrests.

We encourage you to keep the momentum going and vote for Sheriff Stewart Handte.


Ken and Anna Buchner