Thank You,

The family of Daniel Snodgrass would like to extend our gratitude for your prayers and support during these troubling times. It is very much appreciated. A special thanks to Ladies Auxiliary and the VFW Post 2688 of Mina.


The family of Daniel Snodgrass

Thank You,

Special thanks straight from the heart of Mother Lois Mitchell, member of Bethel Baptist Church (Pastor Robert Cox):

I want to first give thanks to God and to every one of you for your support for the Christmas Eve Community Dinner.

A special thanks to Ace Hardware and to the community of Hawthorne again, for the support of the Jackson family with the passing of JoAnn Jackson. I received many, many phone calls wanting to know what they could bring or what they could do. A special thanks to the El Capitan for all you gave.

Community of Hawthorne, keep on doing what you are doing and God will keep on blessing you.

Lois Mitchell

Thank You,

We would like to thank our local garbage collectors for the good job they do – no matter the weather or conditions. We appreciate you.

Charlene Mills and Darlene Nelson