The winter storm that dropped three inches of snow on Hawthorne caused more than 200 auto accidents across Northern Nevada, a Nevada Highway Patrol press release states.

The snow started to fall in the western parts of Nevada at about 7:30 a.m., and in Hawthorne at about 8.

By noon the NHP had responded to nearly 80 accidents and 38 motorist assists statewide. A National Weather Service report shows “numerous” accidents in Mineral County.

By the end of the day, the NHP responded to 56 injury accidents; 41 motorists who slid off highways; 118 non-injury accidents; and 112 motorists assist.

Trooper Dave Gibson said NHP troopers from the Hawthorne office responded to 14 accidents, mostly in Mineral County. There were no injuries, and four of the calls were for motorists who slid off the road.

Most of the accidents were caused by motorists driving too fast for the conditions of the highway; following too closely to other vehicles; or driver inattention, the release says.

The release urges Nevada drivers to be careful while driving in winter conditions.

“Use your seatbelt, turn on your headlights, make sure all of your windows are free of obstructions (snow and ice), please give yourself plenty of time during your commute, give yourself plenty of distance behind other vehicles and slow down as to have more time to react to any incident or accident that happens in front of you,” it says.

Motorists planning long trips should bring extra warm cloths and blankets; and food and water in case they are stranded for a long period of time and waiting for help.

But the havoc caused by the storm wasn’t limited to the roadways. In the cold snap that followed, pipes burst across Mineral County. On Dec. 9 half a dozen pipes exploded because of the cold.