From the Sept. 6 county commission meeting

Safety message

Patrick Hughes gave a safety message regarding distracted driving as requested by Commissioner Garth Price.


A letter regarding RSVP was read into the record by deputy clerk Heidi Johnson.

Business licenses approved

The following business licenses were approved: CH2M Hill Constructors, Inc. (Josh McFarlain); CH2M Hill, Inc. (Josh McFarlain); Nails by Dianna (Dianna Reeves); Telesis Systems, Inc. (Lewis H. Smith, Jr.) and JJRT, LLC dba American Leak Detection (Joanne Crawford).

Office space at Boys & Girls Club

Sarah Dillard requested to lease office space at the old Armory building. She explained they are a free service to Mineral County for parent/children needs. She is with Nevada Family First. Hughes explained there is no electricity in that room and will need a lock on the door. Public Works Director Eric Hamrey asked who will pay for the electric work. There were questions regarding utilities, cost of electrical work, phone, internet, etc.

She explained that she will also need a storage room for non-food stamp needed items.

Commissioner Jerrie Tipton asked that this item is brought back at a later date.

Monument Beach

Rob Mathias with the Mineral County Sportsmen’s Club to revitalize Monument Beach. They would like to replace the existing restroom (for a period of three years); put in new signage; remove trash and overgrowth; paths; paint items; put in historic signage and more. He asks for help with county equipment, funds for the restrooms after the three year period; empty trash and a few other requests.

Commissioner Tipton stated that Mineral County does not own that area. It is under the Nevada State Park. A conversation regarding the surveying of the park area.

“We have money. Why can’t we get a survey done?” Mathias asked the commissioners.

Commissioner Tipton explained that Hawthorne Utilities is no longer the provider for trash service at Walker Lake.

Hamrey said that Mathias’ proposal should be presented to Nevada State Park.

Public Administrator

Public Administrator Beth Cichowlaz met with the commissioners in regards to the new law for public administrators.

Cichowlaz gave her quarterly report to the commissioners. Commissioner Tipton stated that names of those in the report are now public knowledge unless instructed by the district attorney.

Discussion of assets being sold and her bank account balance.

Commissioner Tipton made a statement to pay the public administrator $1,000 a month plus benefits starting Jan. 1, 2018.

Interlocal agreement

Sheriff Randy Adams discussed an interlocal agreement between Mineral County Sheriff’s Office

Copier for sheriff’s office

Under Sheriff, Bill Ferguson met with the commissioner’s regarding the contract on the Xerox copier in the sheriff’s office. The five-year contract was approved.

Replacing carpet

Deputy Public Guardian Mike James discussed removing the carpet in the public administrator and deputy public guardian offices. The cost is $6,000. Commissioner Tipton advised James to come back to the commissioners next budget season.

Mina tanks

Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant met with the commissioner in regards to payment to Sierra Controls LLC for emergency repair to the Mina tanks due to SCADA communication failure in the amount of $12,067 from Mina and Luning restricted funds. He explained that each time the wind blows, the fuses blow. Discussion of power issues at the site.

Commissioner Chris Hegg advised to put in a diode to stop the charging. This item was approved.

Sewer bonds

Grant and Hawthorne Utilities Office Manager Ana Fitzgerald met with the commissioner to adopt an ordinance providing for the issuance of the unincorporated town of Hawthorne, Nevada, General Obligation (limited tax) sewer bonds (additionally secured by pledged revenues), Series 2017A and 2017B; in the maximum principal amount of $1,647,740 to finance sewer projects; providing the form, terms and conditions thereof and covenants relating to the payment of the bonds and providing other matters relating thereto.

Fitzgerald explained that some invoices were not accepted towards the $50,000 reimbursement charge. There is $200,000 plus that will not be reimbursed due to not going through the proper procedure.

The closing of the bond will be now in January 2018.

Because the original ordinance said “Series 2017A and 2017B” Fitzgerald will change the wording to “Series 2018A and 2018B” due to the January 2018 closing date.

Mesquite Electric

Hamrey met with the commissioners in regards to the review, approval, and signature for Mesquite Electric agreement for the AIP Project No.3-32-0009-014-2017 for the Hawthorne Industrial Airport. A motion to allow Commissioner Tipton to sign was approved.

Veterans Park

Hamrey discussed the update for the construction of a dog run at Veterans Park. Approximately $700 was donated to the project. Hamrey stated that he has already ordered the materials but if any more donations will be put back into the appropriate budget account in his department.

APN 001-201-27

Kelly Owens, deputy assessor discussed with the commissioners the change to secure roll 2017-18 Glenda Palmer APN 001-201-27. Palmer had filled out the appropriate paperwork for the widow exemption for the property. That amount is $1,320 of the assessed value. The item was accepted.

Owens also discussed the widow’s exemption for APN 006-590-30 for Mrs. Maples. The paperwork had been submitted two years ago and not processed. The amount will also be $1,320 of the assessed value.

Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer suggested not putting the names of the property holders on the agenda item.

Senate Bill 305

Recorder-Auditor Hoferer discussed Senate Bill 305 to allow the county recorder-auditor to collect an additional fee to fund legal services for abused and neglected children. Hoferer questioned if the monies are staying at a county level.

District Attorney Sean Rowe explained that any child that follows under Bill 305 would be appointed a lawyer.

Hoferer explained that five of the Nevada counties are charging the fee. She explained that this will generate approximately $5,700 annually. She would like to keep the fee at $3.

Harold Dimmick made a public comment regarding the recording of documents.

The commissioners approved the $3 fee for Bill 305 and prepare an ordinance.

Nutrition grants

Cherrie George, senior services director met with the commissioners in regards to the Aging and Disability Services Division fiscal monitoring reports for 2016 nutrition grants.

The report was accepted as presented.

Judicial chambers

District Attorney Rowe stated that District Court Judge Shirley could be available via phone for this item. The item was relative to the judicial chambers expansion to be funded through court fees.

Rowe stated that Judge Shirley is looking for space near the clerk’s office and recorder’s office. Rowe stated that they may possibly use the space where the boiler was once located.

Hamrey stated that the area is a “mechanical” room.

Rowe stated that “this is in its infancy”. Hamrey said there would need to be “24-hour access”.

Commissioner Tipton said that whatever space “needs to work”. More details will be discussed at a later time.

Recreational marijuana

Commissioner Tipton brought forth the agenda item relative to recreation marijuana regulations within Mineral County.

She read a note from a former Mineral County resident.

Dimmick said he would like to see two places for sales in Mineral County. One would be Babbitt. He feels that this would be a monetary gain for Mineral County. He also discussed I-11.

Hamrey stated that he discussed this issue with a member of FAA and stated that the FAA advises against it.

Commissioner Garth Price stated, “But we’re not putting a smoke shop in Betty’s little office area.”

Hamrey stated that we could possibly lose grant funding for projects if a marijuana recreational area goes onto the FAA property.

Commissioner Tipton explained that there is a restrictive covenant on the old Babbitt School. It must remain a training facility.

Undersheriff Ferguson explained that when speaking of marijuana “grow” that more than likely it would be a hydroponic industry.

Mark Nixon stated that this issue has not been discussed with the Mineral County Regional Planning Commission. He stated, “It looks to me that it would fly in an industrial zone with a special use permit.”

George agreed that she likes the idea of keeping the marijuana business in the Babbitt area.

Discussion of grow sites. Undersheriff Ferguson discussed a growing building near Mustang, Nev. and feels that Mineral County should reach out to the growers.

District Attorney Rowe reminded the commissioners that there is still litigation surrounding the Babbitt area.

Commissioner Tipton would like the planning commissioner to visit this issue and report back to the commissioners.

Desert Ready Mix

Larry Grant, Hawthorne Industrial Airport/Airport Land Use Advisory Committee Chairman discussed the renewal for one year lease for Desert Ready Mix, Lot 18 of the Hawthorne Industrial Park.

The advisory committee felt that since there is no economic value on the property now, the committee would like to raise the lease of the property.

Discussion again on the FAA and the industrial park leases. He discussed that the lease monies generated can be used as match money for grants to benefit the airport.

A representative from Desert Ready Mix explained that he would love to utilize the plant here in Hawthorne if there were more calls for concrete in Mineral County.

Grant stated that the airport board would like to see the rent increase from $1,000 to $2,000 a year.

Tipton discussed Isabella Pearl Mine and need for concrete.

“I don’t want to pull out of there [industrial park]”, the representative stated.

Discussion of a backflow preventer and/or hot box at the property.

The commissioners came to an agreement of $1,500 a year.

The representative for Desert Ready Mix explained that there is an agreement between Duff and Desert Ready Mix that has not been fulfilled. The representatives were told to bring that issue back before them as this agenda item doesn’t cover their concerns.

A motion was made to charge Desert Ready Mix $1,500 a year. The lease will be revisited in a year.

County code 3.12

The Mineral County Commissioners read into the record, Mineral County Code Chapter 3.12 altering a composition of the Regional Transportation Commission. A motion to adopt the ordinance was made and accepted.

Regional transportation commission

Commissioner Tipton and Price will serve on the board with Tipton as chairman. Mineral County Title 17 to amend Mineral County Code to establish and revise zoning regulation, standards, and procedures. She explained the fuel revenues and how Mineral County can spend them.

Donna Oberhansli explained the distribution of funds.

Hamrey asked Dimmick about the mileage map that Dimmick had made a few years ago.

Training for blade operators was discussed. Hamrey handed out books he had printed off and told the operators to review them.

Commissioner Tipton stated, “Eric I am not a blade man, but I think I can do a better job…”.

Dimmick explained that you can bring a teacher in to help operate but some people never get the hang of it.

The regional transportation commission went back to board of county commissioners.

Title 17

The commissioners met in regards to Mineral County Title 17, an ordinance to amend Mineral County Code to establish and revise zoning regulation, standards, and procedures.

Tipton explained that she hates to see an ordinance on the book regarding living in travel trailers as she lives in a bus.

Craig Nixon asked how many RV’s are on lots now? He asked for people to look at yards. (Commissioner Tipton laughed and said hers is not.)

Craig asked if there has ever been “real” complaints regarding people living in RV’s.

Mark Nixon stated that the planning commission didn’t “put that in there. It came in under Chapter 8.”

Mark stated that it “decreases property value for other people.”

Mark asked if the planning commission can change Chapter 8 of the Mineral County Code.

Commissioner Hegg explained that he only gets the changes if he requests the document.

Craig explained some of the changes that were made.

Mark Nixon asked if there was a new map so people can see what new zone they may fit into.

Tipton explained that they would not print a map if the area does not pass.

Craig explained that the current map is hard to follow. Mark explained that Mineral County was using the wrong map for Walker Lake.

Mark asked, “How is the new ordinance going to be enforced when you can’t even enforce the old one.”

Commissioner Price stated that this can be found online at Sterling Codifiers.

Sarah Dillard explained that by Nevada definition, there are many people in Mineral County that are homeless.

Hegg didn’t feel that this final draft should be approved at that time.

Tipton feels that there are many places within the regulation that Commissioner Hegg has pointed out that are contradictory to each other.

People complained about how many different versions of this document are out there.

The commissioners stated that there needs to be a workshop to get this document cleaned up.

A date and time were set for this workshop.