Dear Editor,
Several months ago, the board of the Kenny Bostic Memorial Youth Athletic Fund made plans for a raffle and family fun day for Oct. 12. This is to raise funds used to benefit children in the area who may not otherwise be able to afford to participate in sports programs. It has come to our attention that another more recently planned fundraiser has been scheduled for the same day. Both of these are great causes, but since they are in direct conflict with each other and in the spirit of community cooperation, we have decided to reschedule our event.

Since the main prizes for our raffle are geared towards home heating and hunting season, we will announce a new date as soon as possible. Meanwhile, tickets for the raffle will be available soon. Some of the prizes are a Henry Golden Boy .22-caliber rifle, a cord of firewood, wood heating pellets and many other items.

We’re looking forward to continuing what we do, helping the kids of our community to take part in the sports that Kenny loved so much. We owe a great big thank you to this great community for all of your generous support in the past and hope to see you at our lasagna feed, raffle and family fun day in the near future.

Thank You,
The Kenny Bostic
Memorial Youth
Athletic Fund board

Dear Editor,
We would like to thank who ever went to the race track and destroyed all of the property at the motorcycle track. What I find is really sad that there is nothing for the young adults in this town to do and we have worked very hard to ensure that we kept the dirt track in good shape and available to whomever wanted to go out there and ride their motorcycles, quads, and bicycles on the motorcycle track.

I also find amazing that the no one seemed to notice the dents in the vehicle that ran into the trailer out there and knocked it off of its blocks after they destroyed everything inside of it and also broke everything inside of the trailer including breaking all the windows out of both trailers. So parents I am asking you to please go out and look at your child’s vehicles, and if it is adults shame on you for destroying something that the children get so much enjoyment out of. We have these trailers out at the motorcycle track for the convenience of the volunteers that make it possible to even have this motorcycle track available.

If anyone has any information about who may have done this, we would really appreciate you to contact us; we will ensure that your name stays anonymous. 945-2713 or 945-5715.

Teresa McNally,