From the MCIN archives

10 Years Ago

10 YEARS AGO – 1952 was the inaugural season for Hawthorne Little League, and this year marks its 60-year-anniversary since the first pitch was thrown.
  • Five Mineral County residents have thrown their hats into the ring for the office of Mineral County Commissioner.
  • B.J. Foster was named the Chief of the Walker Lake Volunteer Fire Department.

20 Years Ago

  • The Nevada Department of Public Safety Investigated the accidental shooting and death of the 11-year-old step son of Sheriff Rocky McKellip and his wife Connie.
  • A large attendance of local citizens, out of town visitors and news media are shown on Tuesday morning at Walker Lake Summit held in Hawthorne, with U.S. Senator Harry Reid conducting the meeting.
  • Eagle Scout Court ceremonies were held Friday, March 19 for Ryan West of Hawthorne. Ryan’s brothers, Matthew, Jared and his father Greg are all Eagle Scouts.

30 Years Ago

  • The Mineral County Horseman’s Association was finalizing plans for their big rodeo to be held on Armed Forces Day. Everyone was glad to see this yearly event on AF day started again.
  • Jim Curren of Fallon who was well known in this area was appointed head of the Department of Wildlife’s Fisheries Division. Jim had over 16 years of experience with the department and has been working hard to better the fishing program at Walker Lake. Jim has since retired and still lives in Fallon.
  • Young Allen Wakefield of Gabbs, a student of the Gabbs Schools, who had suffered with arthritis, decided that he wanted to become a wrestler, and that he did. He was awarded the Outstanding Wrestler of the Year in 1992.

40 Years Ago

  • A 22-year-old man was killed when his pick up truck went over an embankment at Alum Creek.
  • At the first annual Chamber of Commerce awards three citizens were given plaques.
  • Women of the Year was awarded to Rosemary Despres, Man of the Year was Jack McCloskey and youth of the year was Kathy Trujillo.
  • Maggie Tracy Whittle presented a program to the Hawthorne Soroptimist. Whittle was a rehabilitation counselor for the Hawthorne Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • The Schurz 4-H Swine Club presented for the Lyon County show to be held in April. Members of the club were Stacey and Mercy Hicks, Marlo Steele, Leslie Williams, Ronald Knees, Tarita Williams, Victor Williams Jr., and Shari Williams.

50 Years Ago

  • The Naval Ammunition Depot, in a joint effort with the Town Board, we’re sponsoring a town-depto cleanup day, and asked residents to clean their property and have trash removed for free.
  • The Wassuk Scramblers, a motorcycle club from Hawthorne, were requesting a 50-acre parcel from the Bureau of Land Management to use as a motorcycle track.
  • Initial requests for funds for construction at Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot and Fallon Naval Air Station for fiscal year 1973 amount to $604,000. Hawthorne would be $390,000 for air pollution control and Fallon $214,000 for an addition to the officers mess hall.

60 Years Ago

  • Library building was moved to the new site at First and C Street as a surplus Babbitt building was purchased from the Navy for library purposes. (Currently the Health Nurse.)
  • Hawthorne had the highest record temperature in the state on Tuesday, March 29, 1962 which was 77 degrees.
  • Hawthorne Serpents defeated fountain Greenway 9 to 1 in baseball.

70 Years Ago

  • L. E. “Mac” McKinney, owner of the Nevada Garage in Hawthorne was held up and robbed of $27 by two thugs driving a 1949 Ford two-door sedan on the highway between Luning and Gabbs.
  • Charlie Miller of Rawhide reported a large discovery of scheelite near Rawhide.
  • LaWanda Kelley, Mineral County High School Senior won the American Legion 4th District oratorical contest.
  • The Navy called for bids on construction of 62 magazines and miscellaneous work including railroad, highway, water line and telephone lines extensions.

80 Years Ago

  • Justice of the Peace Guy L. Eckley died at his home in Mina.
  • Mineral County got approximately $4,000 for the sale of 62 lots which is the previous year had reverted to the county by reason of nonpayment of taxes
  • To satisfy a judgment of foreclosure against the Spanish Valley mining company, the sheriff conducted an auction sale of a 50 ton ball mill building and machinery at Aurora on behalf of Gordon Jeager. Jaeger’s judgment obtained by the District Court amounts it to $2,842 and accrued interest.

90 Years Ago

  • Southern Pacific Railroad sought permission to close its station at Mt. Montgomery on the narrow gauge line running from Mina to Keeler, California.
  • A Literary Digest poll of 237 Nevadans reported 237 were against retaining the federal prohibition law and only 36 were in favor.
  • A rock slide caused by recent rain closed the highway through the cliffs section at Walker Lake from Wednesday night until the following afternoon.
  • Construction was started on a two-story concrete vault to serve four offices at the courthouse. T. G. Rowland had the contract to supply sand and gravel from the washing plant at Walker Lake and L. B. Spencer, County surveyor and engineer, was named to serve as an inspector on the job estimated at the cost of $6,000.