80 Years Ago – Frank Nakata, longtime owner of the Good Fellows Café in Mina, visited friends in Hawthorne before returning to his homeland, Japan, which he anticipated might be his final trip because of a serious illness. His wife, Mamie, and daughter, Eileen remained in Mina to continue the family business.

10 Years Ago

• High school principal Margaret Ruybalid was found dead in her home in Hawthorne. She failed to report to work on Monday and this alerted a school staff member who checked on her and found her.

• Mineral County School District welcomed new principals and teachers to their staff this year. Walt Hackford, principal of Hawthorne Elementary School; Vivan Powell, PhD., principal of Schurz Elementary School. New teachers are Rose Laing; Timothy Marx; Char Murphy; Cynthia Rempel; Jana Schiroky; Richard Taylor and Cheri Whitney.

• Dennis Blazewick of Luning, the mastermind for the nature getaway, put the harness on his mule and horse team, hooked them up to the wagon and started out Monday morning of this week on a three-day trek over the Cedar Mountains down to Black Springs and then they returned home on a different road. Protecting Dennis from the coyotes and mountain lions are his companions Bob Donelly of Orland, Calif. and Tina Sorenson of Palermo, Calif. with their carts being pulled by their Halflinger horses. Acting as a scout for the trio is Sonja Blazewick, wife of Dennis, who was riding a horse out front.

20 Years Ago

• The Schurz Paiute Indian Tribe held their annual Pinenut Festival, which also included a horseshoe pitching tournament, at the Schurz Park in the center of town. Many local residents attended and everyone had a great time.

• The Seventh Annual Mineral County Fair, in conjunction with the Mineral County Horseman’s Association’s Professional Rodeo, was held. The fair was held at the Hawthorne Convention Center and the rodeo was held at the rodeo arena east of town.

• Approximately 400 national and world-renowned motorcycle, quad, car, and truck racers participated in the “Vegas to Reno” race put on by the Best in the Desert Racing Association of Las Vegas. The race was observed by many local residents as the drivers raced through Mineral County on the back roads of Nevada.

30 Years Ago

• Associate Justice Cliff Young of the Nevada Supreme Court was in Hawthorne as guest speaker at the recognition diner of Law Day sponsored by the Elks Lodge in Hawthorne.

• The local women’s team. Atlantis/B&B/Charlie’s Liquor, traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to represent the state of Nevada and Hawthorne in the Women’s D League Slow Pitch Softball Tournament. Members of that team were: Elena Viani; Gina Frank; Lily Byrd; Dawnette Williams; Kathy Worthen; Loni Winters; Pam Goodwin; Miranda Champion; Kim Schumann; Brenda Lande; Suzi Sheperd; Brinda Funk; Toni Gilley and Terry Giberson. Coaches were Steve Funk and Chuck King.

40 Years Ago

• Steve Olsen was appointed as the new Mineral County Community Education Coordinator by Arlo Funk, Superintendent of Mineral County Schools.

• The girl’s basketball team defeated Stewart 42-38 but was defeated by Incline 54-47.

• The Serpents football team was defeated by Lowry 21-6.

• Top drivers of the Pete Castellani Memorial Races at WLARA race track were Myron Mills; Monte Lininger; Steve Inman; Gene Christensen; Steve Jones; Shelby Reynolds; Russ Wyant; Gary Milks; Frank Berrier and Ron Going.

50 Years Ago

• Many local residents traveled to Gabbs to enjoy the annual “Gabbs Day” celebration.

• Heavy rains in the area were recorded at .20 inches. Floods coming down from the mountains caused two slides on U.S. Highway 95 about 12 miles north of Hawthorne. A mudslide closed the road at Barlow’s Ranch and a rockslide closed the road near the cliffs.

• The Yerington Lions came from behind to score 20 points in the 4th quarter to beat the Hawthorne Serpents by a score of 27-20.

• Commander “Big Bad Jim Bess” scored a hole-in-one on No. 2 at the Walker Lake Country Club Golf Course at the Naval Depot.

60 Years Ago

• Miss Terry Campbell of Babbitt, was judged “Queen of Queens” at the Washoe County Fair in Reno. Campbell also won the “Miss Ordnance Department” beauty contest at the annual Ordnance Picnic held at the Navy Beach at Walker Lake.

• The 83rd annual convention of the Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythias, Domain of Nevada and the 55th session of the Grand Temple, Pythian Sisters, Jurisdiction of Nevada, opened in Hawthorne.

• The shooting of gulls at Walker Lake was a violation of the law, local residents were reminded by law officials.

70 Years Ago

• Mineral County High School had a new registration of 197 students while the Hawthorne Elementary School reached the 700 mark.

• Navy Day in Hawthorne was celebrated by a two-day event that included a big rodeo and parade through town. The rodeo was held at the Hawthorne Arena, located on the west side of town where Lakeview Tract is now located.

• Darrell Zuval, acting chief of police, was nominated for regular appointment by Mayor Thomas Whitworth and supported by Councilman Ed Taylor. Councilman Paul Hale declined to confirm and Zuval continued in the capacity as acting chief.

80 Years Ago

• County-Treasurer conducted the annual sale of which tax payments had become delinquent. Only five parcels of real property and improvements were purchased by individuals, all others reverting to the county as trust property.

• Several citizens requested the county to consider a new morgue in Hawthorne. The estimated cost of $4,000 and the commissioners deferred action until more detailed information could be presented, including how the money might be raised.

• Citizens were urged to participate in a voluntary fingerprinting program sponsored by the 20-30 Club in cooperation with the Sheriff’s office. The program was started to provide a complete identification record of individuals.

• More than 60 people representing six Legion posts and three Legion Auxiliary units were present in Hawthorne for a joint installation of officers of the Mineral County Post and Auxiliary.