‘Introduction to Welding’,’ an after-school class taught by Mr. James Richards on Tuesday nights from 5:30 to 8:30 is currently in progress at Mineral County High School (MCHS) in Hawthorne, Nevada. This is a ‘dual-credit’ course. High school students who enroll earn Western Nevada College (WNC) units in addition to regular school credit. Tuition costs are covered by the high school, in collaboration with WNC, through a grant program. 

‘Introduction to Welding’ is also open to community members who wish to apply. No previous welding experience is required. Three units of college credit will be earned per class. WNC tuition for non-students is not covered by the grant. Scholarships to cover costs may be available to applicants through WNC’s financial aid program.

Individuals interested in taking the upcoming Spring Semester welding class (starting date yet to be announced) should contact MCHS counselor, Mr. Jim Berryman-Shafer (775) 945-3332, extension 15, for application details. 

Interested high school students and community members must also apply as students of WNC. For more information on how to do so, contact Jessica Rowe, Director of Fallon Campus and Rural Outreach (775) 445-3380, email address: Jessica.rowe@wnc.edu 

These courses, which for dedicated participants could result in XRay Certification, are a welcome asset to our community and cause for celebration-good welders are seldom unemployed! The program was established through a partnership collaboration including Mineral County School District, Mineral County Officials, and Western Nevada College.