Joe Biden’s the most snake-bit president in two centuries. In little over a year in office, he’s faced a worldwide pandemic, scary inflation followed by a botched Afghanistan withdrawal and now the potential start of World War III in Ukraine. If Americans could magically start all over again, I have no doubt they’d pick someone else — anyone else — to lead us through these troubled times.

Well, almost anyone. Vice President Kamala Harris has managed to show us she’s even more unprepared for the job at the moment. The inappropriate giggling isn’t the main problem. It’s her word salad babbling that has everyone wondering how in the world she got this far in public life.

The first time we caught a glimpse of her oddness came when she fibbed to Lester Holt after her visit to central America when she was asked about why she had not been to the U.S./Mexican border.

“We’ve been to the border,” she lied. Holt called her on it and she came back with this: “And I haven’t been to Europe!” That was followed by her weird nervous laugh and added: “And I mean — I don’t understand the point that you’re making.”

Really? If she truly didn’t understand the nature of that question, then she for damn-sure shouldn’t be the VP.

As they say in infomercials, “wait, there’s more.” She went to France to smooth over a diplomatic blunder by the Biden Administration and came up with this meaningless blather:

“We must together. Work together. To see where we are. Where we are headed, where we are going and our vision for where we should be. But also see it as a moment to, yes. Together, address the challenges and to work on the opportunities that are presented by this moment.”

Jeez, the French must have been baffled.

Then in Ukraine she recently said: “I am here, standing here on the northern flank, on the eastern flank, talking about what we have in terms of the eastern flank and our NATO allies, and what is at stake at this very moment, what is at stake this very moment are some of the guiding principles…”


And, let’s not forget this Kamalaism for the ages:

“It is time for us to do what we have been doing. And that time is every day. Every day it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down.”

Honestly, this isn’t a one-off brain fart. It’s a blather pattern that instills zero confidence on the world stage. Other than her children and a few politically blinded true believers, no one would point to the vice president at this moment in time and say:

“If Joe Biden goes, thank gawd we have Kamala Harris as a backup.”

In the third month of the Year of Our Lord Twenty Twenty-two, ladies and gentlemen, that is the unvarnished truth.


  • We do not throw away food. We put leftovers in Tupperware containers, put the Tupperware in the fridge, let it go bad, and then throw it out.
  • The hour we lost last weekend was the one I planned for gym time.
  • Cat fact #42: Cats do not believe in Daylight Savings Time.

That’ll do it for today, dear Nevada readers. Until next week, be thankful you still have a community newspaper like this one. Avoid soreheads, laugh a little and always question authority.

(Sherman Frederick is a Nevada Hall of Fame journalist and co-founder of Battle Born Media, a news organization dedicated to the preservation of community newspapers. You can reach him by email at