From the MCIN archives

10 Years Ago

  • Incumbent Judge Jay T. Gunter will be defending his seat against Curtis Schleep, current Mineral County Chief Juvenile Probation Office and Tom Wagner, local Hawthorne resident.
  • Valentine’s evening brought more local acts together at the Cultural Arts Center for 90 minutes of quality entertainment. Papa Russ followed up the December open mic event, hosting 17 different performances.

20 Years Ago

  • Craig Nixon was appointed the new Mineral County Fire Chief after the retirement of Chief Frank St.Clair. Nixon is an MCHS graduate Class of 1974 and has been with the Hawthorne Volunteer Fire Department since 1979.
  • The well-known Mineral County Lady Serpents claimed their ninth straight Zone Title on Saturday, February 17 by defeating the Lovelock Mustangs.
  • Donna Costa-Beach presented Walker Lake Working Group with a check for $193 for the assistance of the President’s Day Fishing Derby. Janet Shane and Helen Hart of Walker Lake Working Group recorded the weight and length of the day’s catch.

30 Years Ago

  • A $1,000 reward was offered by the county for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for vandalizing the Hawthorne Utilities equipment located at Whiskey Flats and in Cory Canyon.
  • The Bureau of Land Management was investigating the shooting of two wild burros near Marietta. The burro range was the first formally recognized burro range in the United States, and is located in Mineral County near Mina.

40 Years Ago

  • Two young Schurz boxers won bouts at Carson City, Chas Foster and Blaine Lockwood, Jr., won “best fought bouts of the night” awards.
  • More than 40 interested persons gathered at the courthouse for an auction of aged equipment.
  • The Serpents defeated the Manogue Miners in a non-conference game. Kenny Ray Owens continued his scoring spree with 30 points.

50 Years Ago

  • A meeting was held at the new courthouse concerning participation by the State Civil Defense in the funding for construction of the new jail facility.
  • Two leaders of Nevada’s mineral industry met with Governor Mike O’Callaghan In Carson City. Robert W. Gates of Gabbs, president of the Nevada Mining Association presented a check for $1,000 from the Association to Dr. Vernon E. Scheid for the Mackey School of Mines.

60 Years Ago

  • The Serpents defeated Fallon 42- 32 but lost to Reno 58-42.
  • A stand by power plant was authorized for the government hospital at Schurz.

70 Years Ago

  • The 12th annual Washington’s Birthday Firemen’s Ball was scheduled as the Elks Hall at the cost of $1.20 per couple.
  • A section of county owned land sought as a location for a 150-units defense housing project was sold at an auction Sterling Building of Reno made the high bid of $12,600.
  • Applications we’re being accepted from Depot employees for the position of refrigeration mechanic with a minimum salary of $1.73 per hour.

80 Years Ago

  • Mineral County was reported to have at least one enemy alien-at least only one apparently willing to make the admission, because the lone German national was the only person who filed for an identification certificate at the Hawthorne post office.
  • The crowded conditions at the county hospital was still a problem, even following the release of several patients. For weeks the laundry room was used to provide additional space and as a last resort the hospital staff was forced to place beds in the hallway for several days.

90 Years Ago

  • Mineral County marked the “coming of the age” on it’s 21st birthday. Originally a part of Esmeralda County, the new county would have Hawthorne as the county seat, as it had been (in Esmeralda County) from 1883-1907. The state senator sponsoring the bill to create Mineral County was Fred B. Balzar of Hawthorne who now (in 1932) was serving as the governor of the state of Nevada.
  • Both the Mason Valley Bank in Yerington were ordered to close by State Bank Examiner Seaborn. Among the depositors whose funds were impounded in the closed banks were many Hawthorne residents and business firms.
  • Henry Gilbert, deputy collector of internal revenue in Las Vegas, was assigned to temporary duty in Hawthorne to assist residents here prepare their income tax returns.