10 Years Ago – Joel Hodes, a local resident and principal of Schurz Elementary School was killed in a plane crash traveling to California. Hodes, age 57, of Schurz was a well known resident of Mineral County. He began his employment with the Mineral County School District in 1976 as a teacher and in 1995 became the principal of Schurz Elementary School.


(From the MCIN files of Dec. 26, 2006)

• Walker River Paiute Tribal Chairman Gina Williams presented appreciation gifts to Sheriff Fred Trdla and Mineral County deputies for their assistance and support during the shooting incident in Schurz.

• Approximately 400 troops of the US Army 7th Special Forces arrived in Hawthorne for a month long training in January.

• Sheriff Fred Trdla, County Clerk Helene Weatherfield and Commissioner Nancy black received appreciation awards by Commissioners Richard Bryant and Ed Fowler for their service to Mineral County for the past several years.


• Merle Swanson, well-known resident of this area, who lived in Mina was presented with an award in recognition of his serving as President of the Western Mining Council for more than 25 years. Swanson was very active in mining and the Mineral County Chapter of the Council presented him with this special award.

• The Independent-News featured an article about Robert Eddy of Sodaville who was in the process of developing a “Desert Lobster” farm on his property at Sodaville, a short distance south of Mina. Eddy was doing great with his lobsters until too many state and federal regulations and permits made it difficult to carry out his plans to raise lobsters in the Nevada desert.

• The paper also featured a story (including pictures) of the long and exciting history of the famous old Hawthorne Club. What was really neat about the article was some of the pictures of the business that was first known as the Hawthorne Pool Room back in 1936. One picture showed our old friend Joe Nardi who was the bartender and “Chief Soda Jerk” of the establishment standing in the front door of the club. Another picture showed one of the large, and happy, crowds that patronized the Hawthorne the Hawthorne Club for many years before it was “torn down”.


• Seven members of the 1986 Mineral County High School Serpents football team were named to the All-State Team. Those chosen were Rob Diede; Duane Miller; Randy Keuhey; Darrin Marshall; Drake McGown; Randy Verbeck and John Neville.

• The Hawthorne Boxing Club, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, was being organized. Joe Johnson, a native of Hawthorne, was the coach. Johnson boxed in the 1978 Golden Gloves, with many amateur matches under his belt. Among his opponents were Mark Pacheco and Frankie “Sugar Man” Davis, both later turning professional. Johnson was coached during his high school days by another former resident of Hawthorne, Joe Pedrojetti, son of our own Jimmy Pedrojetti.

• First place winners in the annual Gingerbread House contest held at Mineral County High School were Stacy Geerdes, Ronnie Marshall, Matt Elder, and Dennis Jackson; second place winners were Stacey Jordan, Marlos Steele, Yolanda Lockwood and Kara Keller; third place winners were Tonja Kerly, Jodie Baxter and Heather Stingray.


• Nevada State Highway Patrol Trooper William D. “Bill” Shirley, who had recently graduated from the state academy, was assigned to duties in Hawthorne.

• Max A. Hughes, a lifelong resident of Hawthorne was presented the “Award of Merit in Boy Scouting” at a scouter’s recognition dinner held in Cason City. Hughes served as a scout leader in this area for many years. During the 1980’s Max was also awarded the “Silver Beaver” award, the highest award presented in scouting.

• Word was received from Representative Jim Santini’s office in Washington, D.C. that $18.1 million was appropriated for the Demil Plant at the Hawthorne NAD for Fiscal Year in 1977.

• Serpent Wrestling Team overpowered the Coleville team by winning a dual meet with a score of 66-6. Hawthorne’s Pat Tabler was named “Wrestler of the Week.”

• Hawthorne Elks Lodge “Teenagers of the Month” were Toni Michelle Odom of Babbitt and Tadzeau Kasimer Ciesz of Hawthorne.


• SSgt’s Max McGee and Lennie Sanchez, members of the USAF Radar Bomb Scoring Detachment, SAC located at Babbitt, were promoted to the rank of TSgt’s.

• Teen-age dances for the holidays were being held at the Snack Shack in Babbitt. Most of the dances were packed and everyone had a great time.

• MK 32 Zuni Warheads were being loaded at the Hawthorne Naval Ammunitions Depot. There was a total of 43 people involved in the loading and assembly of these warheads

• Ribbon cutting ceremonies were held marking the opening of the new location of the NAD Library at the West Wing of the Depot Dispensary.

• Dell L. Mortensen and his wife, Carole, were the winners of the “Show Yard of the Month” for their home at 1100 Lexington in Babbitt. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. (Fred) Martinez of 1002 Lexington were also winners of the “Show Yard of the Month” for the previous month.

• SAD BUT TRUE! . . . . “The reason many people don’t live within their income, is that they don’t consider that living!”


• New officers were chosen for the Babbitt Council. Elected were Roy Gartrell, president; Boyd J. Owen, vice president; Richard Harrington, secretary and Arthur Creek, treasurer.

• The MCHS Serpents were ready for the 1956-57 Basketball season to begin with their first game against the Bishop Broncos. Coach Winton King had several veterans returning: Glen Hampton; Hartley Hermansen; LaGrande Jognson; George McKenna and Bill Helmer. They were aided by Bill Marshall, Stewart Johnson, Frank Richarson; Byron Cook and Tandy Dillard on the varsity squad. Both the varsity and junior varsity were working together with Meral Fielding as the assistant coach. Remainder of the basketball squad consisted of Jerry Bowles; Carl Cahill; Mack Campbell; Douglas Cox; Tommy Ellis; Gary Hughes; Jim Kellison; Robert Parker; Wallace Sutherland; Alfred Williams and Jack Zane.


• Mineral County Post 19 American Legion staged its first annual “Military Ball” at the U.S. Hotel ballroom and the event was a great success.

• The Hawthorne City Council adopted a new ordinance whereby all types of businesses in Hawthorne would be required to obtain a business license after the first of the year. (1947)

• Named on the Mineral High School honor roll were: Pat DeWalt; Charles Jacobs; Janice LaBounty; Jack Fenkel;, David Hermansen; Elaine Stubblefield; Mary Lou Vaugn, Russell Perry; Donna Oppenlander; Patsy Elkins; Patricia Meadows; Joyce Walker; Colleen Gilbert; Betty Jo Cato; Joyce Eckerstrom; Laverne Estep; Robert Collett and Phyllis Wheatley.


• The new elementary school on Sixth Street was completed and classes were held for the first time. During the construction period, first through sixth grade classes used the Cotter School at the Naval Depot and seventh and eighth grades were “housed” at the 20-30 Club building on A Street.

• Donald Conelly of Hawthorne was selected as first alternate for appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy by Senator Pat McCarran.