A Eulogy for Larry “Bud” Blaylock

My good friend Bud Blaylock, who lived in Mina, NV and I might add he loved living there. Well Bud passed away last June. I always knew that l would write a eulogy for him, but it has finally come to be, some six months later. I met Bud when l lived in Mina In the 1950’s. He was a miner and he was doing whatever work came along besides mining. But it was a good size man 6’ 1” and he was a good athlete.

He could outjump anyone who was taller than him. So when we had a town basketball team Bud fit right in, and he was one of the better players. Some of the other players were Rolin Eddy, Elwin Perry, Erwin and Vern Barlow, John Gallagher, and myself, Bill Smith. Our best player by far was Rolin Eddy, but Bud was a great player also. We played in the old gym in Mina. Which happens to have a huge pot belly stove smack dad in the middle of it. Which was always roaring hot. It was funny to see how the action would be slowed around that stove. The other towns that had town teams we played against were Tonopah, Hawthorne and Gabbs. Looking back 70 years later here are some other names that come to mind, two brothers Eddie and Albert Mohatt, and Reno Ratti, Gabbs. John Quas, and Roy Wolfe, Tonopah, and Joe Viani, Hawthorne.

Later Bud won the Mucking championship of Nevada for 12 years. Bud was a miner for some years, he worked with Red Sipes. Eventually Red was quite a character, and Bud would laugh when he told me about some of Red’s escapades. Eventually Bud became a mines inspector for the State of Nevada. This was a job he would do for 34 years. I guess he worked all over the state, as he would tell me about things that happened all over the state.

Bud was very kind hearted. He brought lunch every time we ate out. “But Bud, it’s my turn to buy.” “Next time Bill,” that somehow next time never came. I visited Bud a few times when he lived in Winnemucca, and was teaching people how to become miners. But I visited him more when he lived in Mina, I usually spent some time with him and we would visit Willie and Zoltan Buffington, or go to the Senior Center for lunch. On Sunday we would go to the firehouse for a coffee and donuts. Bud was a good cook, and he loved cakes, so now and then we would have a big piece of delicious cake for breakfast.

I will miss my good friend Mr. Bud Blaylock, and talking to him on the phone. I always thought Bud had a phenomenal memory. You can ask him about an event, and he could tell you not only all about it, but he knew when it happened. I do believe we were closer than most brothers.

Where is my good friend Mr. Bud Blaylock, it is true you are gone, but you will never be forgotten, and I will think of you often, my good friend. Always your friend,

Bill Smith The Poet