Dear Editor,

So social distancing can not be achieved while standing at a United States Postal counter while facing a maskless employee. I thank the USPS employees who do wear masks and gloves. My records indicated a package was delivered on December 24th.

The maskless USPS employee asked what my box number was and stepped way beyond the counter for a very short time, returned to the counter, and recommended that I bring in the tracking number. I did not want to go back there and stand in the small lobby with the door shut and risk facing a maskless employee, yet again. Perhaps a different employee would have stepped with barriers, looking pro. Of which I would have been grateful for an astute United States Postal employee. Still a crap shoot. I will not go back!! I am satisfied that I had a disposable N95 on and disposable gloves on, I am satisfied that I stood as far in the corner of the lobby as possible, also minimizing my time at the United States Postal counter with a maskless United States Postal employee. So a refund from Walmart was issued and a far greater value than returning to that lobby. Tho, I wanted my package and had looked forward to receiving it from the time I ordered it in November. Walmart assured me it was sent.

And who knows why some people do not want to wear masks? All I know is those people who do use barriers are the most gracious. They are the most unassuming, they have no contention or antagonism or arrogance about them. And thank you to all the businesses and practices who go the extra mile. Perhaps Omicron will be a relief. However, this is still the NEW Corona Virus…it is not an old virus. It is mysterious and it is new.

– Joni Heffner