Dear Editor,

Those of us who attended the school meetings to “discuss” the four day school week were told there would be no more early out days. All meetings and training would be held on Fridays. This was due to the fact that under the four day school week our children would be losing two hours 15 minutes of instruction per week by not going to school the fifth day. All sports activities would be scheduled so that those children would not be losing class time. Well, guess what? Thursday, Dec. 1 there was an early out ay where the kids lost one hour 15 minutes for a grand total that week of 3 ½ hours of instruction. It’s also my understanding that some of our athletes lost about 3 days due to games.

My first question is: When you have a school district with our low rating, how can you afford to lose 3 ½ hours of instruction?

My second question is: Was this an unforeseen emergency early out? Or was the public just lied to?

My family has four children in this district with a fifth one coming up next August, so their education is a big concern to us. I don’t care about the teacher and admin’s three day weekend. I care about my children’s education which is on the line. We have new members coming into the school board in January and these people have school aged children so there could be some hope for our schools. Thankfully, Common Core will be ousted, but this will present other problems here which will have to be addressed. Respect is pushed in our schools here, but respect is earned, not demanded. I believe the public here will respect this district when we see that our children come first and their education is foremost.

Kathy Castagnola