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Theresa Lupori will begin serving as president and CEO of Financial Horizon’s Credit Union in Hawthorne beginning June 1.

In 2017 Barbara Reuter, President/CEO, announced her intentions to retire at the end of 2018, after serving the Financial Horizons Credit Union for 41 years. The board of directors, having worked for several years on a succession plan, announced that Theresa Lupori, current Executive Vice President, would become the next President/CEO of Financial Horizons Credit Union (FHCU). May 31 was Reuter’s last day as CEO; on June 1 they begin a new chapter with Lupori at the helm. However, Reuter will stay on board through the end of 2018 to provide support during the transition.

Born and raised in Yerington, Lupori joined the banking world soon after graduating high school in 1983. After 15 years working for different financial institutions, she joined FHCU in 1999 when they opened their office in Yerington. She has experience in management, lending, operations and collections, serving as branch manager in Yerington until 2004 when she assumed the role of executive vice president. Lupori has gone above and beyond over the years and is continuously striving to further her education and knowledge; she holds a Mortgage Loan Officer License, which requires continued training and testing annually. She is also currently enrolled in Western Cuna Management School, an accredited college designed specifically for credit union management.

While the credit union’s corporate office will always remain in Hawthorne, Lupori will continue to reside in Yerington. The dedicated employees and senior management team are well positioned to continue to meet the needs of their members and remain focused on our mission of providing Lifetime Financial Solutions to the communities they serve.

Please join Financial Horizons Credit Union in congratulating and supporting Lupori in her new position.