Cindy Nixon

Candidate for the office of Recorder-Auditor

No one holds the monopoly on knowing everything there is to know about a new position or profession as you enter that office on the first day. We all have that “first day” experience. With that said, I’ll be walking into the office of Mineral County Recorder-Auditor on day one with a high level of dedication to learning the ever-changing laws and policies of the office, paying close attention to legislative sessions, and being present and accountable, each major keys to success in serving the community.

I look forward to working with the trained and valuable individuals now staffing the office. As a Mineral County resident, I am aware of how our county works, and as stated above, I will learn more and that knowledge will be applied to running the office in a manner pursuant to current and ever changing policies. I will manage the county’s fiscal responsibilities, the office of Human Resources, as well as perform all other mandated duties of Recorder Auditor. If elected, I will be prepared for this office, anticipating election in the upcoming General Election. I’ll not be “idling, just waiting to see if I win in November.

To this office I bring my experience from Day & Zimmerman, Mineral County’s School District, and retail sales both as an employee and the business owner. I have received exemplary evaluations in all aspects of my work, attaining maximum scores in Praxis testing to highly qualify for aiding and tutoring, computer skills required everywhere in this day and age, and vitally important people skills. Past experience in elected office or any position is a great thing, but only if it has well served those who elected or hired you. I believe the voters of Mineral county are ready for some new, friendly faces in the officials they elect. My involvement in county and state as Mineral County Republican Chairwoman for 12 years has opened my eyes to the “servant” aspect of being elected to office. In addition to walking in on day one with a high level of dedication to performing the duties of this office correctly and to the very best of my abilities, I’ll also have a high level of personal expectation, holding myself accountable. I will appreciate and be thankful for your vote on June 12, 2018.