County Public Works Director Eric Hamrey spoke with County Commissioners Nov. 3 about the possibility of bike/cart path to Safeway.

He said there were three different paths that were being considered “of which way we wanted to go.”

After discussions, which are still in the preliminary stages, because no funding has been secured yet, it was determined the best way would be “a straight path coming off Constitution Road going straight to Safeway.”

It’s the shortest of the path ideas put forth and the property around Safeway can be used in the future for economic development and if a path was cut diagonally through the property it would cut out a big chunk of available property for future economic growth.”

Hamrey explained the path would be a bicycle/cart path to be used as needed by seniors who are wanting to go to the store. “What we are trying to do,” he said, “down on the highway, for example from Ladybird Park down to Safeway, we have a lot of seniors going down there on their little scooters and carts and they are right on the highway. We’re afraid someone is going to get run over.”

NDOT has not responded to requests for safety measures, he noted. “So, we are trying to remedy the situation where we can provide a way to get them shopping safer.”

Although funding sources still need to be found and a few other issues, including property surveys, the commission board will be discussing the matter further.

“I think it will be a good improvement. I think it’s needed for the seniors.