A letter sent home to guardians and parents of Hawthorne Elementary students explained that hand-foot-and-
mouth-disease is going around the school.

They explained that to date, they had not received any written or verbal confirmation from treating doctors or the public health nurse but have received verbal confirmation from parents that many children attending the school have the disease.

According to the notification, Hand Foot Mouth Disease is a common viral illness that affects infants and young children. The students begin running a fever; poor appetite; sore throat and complaints of not feeling well. A few days after the fever, sores may develop in the mouth. A rash also develops on the palms of the hands; soles of feet and may also appear on the elbows; knees and buttocks.

When informed of the outbreak, Hawthorne Elementary School teachers and custodial staff have been bleaching the classrooms and commonly used items that are used daily.

The statement concludes that students may return to school when they are symptom free.