The recent Hawthorne earthquake swarms has The Nevada Seismological Laboratory discussing the event in their recent newsletter, “What’s Shaking”.

The swarms as described by the lab are two sequences. One is occurring in the Wassuk Range, to the west of Walker Lake, the other is located In the valley east of Hawthorne.

The Wassuk sequence has produced two 3.0 – 3.9 magnitude quakes and one 4.1 event.

The main earthquake fault in the region is located in the Wassuk fault and is described by the seismic lab as a “normal fault”.

“This type of fault motion includes a down dropping portion (the hanging wall) and a portion that goes up (the footwall). Over many earthquake cycles, the footwall becomes a mountain and the hanging wall forms a valley. One of the recent clusters is occurring in the footwall of the Wassuk Range”, explained by the seismological laboratory.

The fault east of Hawthorne has produced several 3.0 plus magnitude earthquakes.

The Nevada Seismological Laboratory is interested in hearing from those who many have felt any of these quakes. They can be reached at 775-784-4975.