I-11 map

The I-11 map above was voted on at a town hall meeting earlier this month.

Residents that were unable to attend the town hall meeting regarding the I-11 corridor earlier this month have asked for the Independent-News to share the “map 2”.

The map, as shown, was voted on by those in attendance to be the most effective route for the proposed energy and transportation corridor that has a possibility of coming through Mineral County.

The I-11 corridor will help to connect Mexico to Canada in an effort to free up other congested areas of travel.

Mineral County has the ability to help tie in the railway, currently owned by the U.S. Army, to that of the I-11 project for the use of shipments that would be taken by rail. Currently, the Army is under contract to begin storing railcars that are not in use on the depot facility.

A flyer was included in the April 7 issue of the Independent-News on delegates to contact, if in favor, of the proposed project. Flyers can also be found on the counter of Wagner’s Hardware or at Mineral County Economic Development Authority.

In the meeting, Bob Cashell, owner of Joe’s Tavern, made the remark, “Who is really going to make the decision? We need to give them hell until we get what we want. We need to be organized and fight the hell out of them or they are going to run over the top of us.”

Mineral County is one proposed location for the corridor. Another is that of running the corridor through Nye County, up through Gabbs, bypassing Mineral County completely.