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The Associated Press reports that “U.S. unemployment dropped sharply in August from 10.2 percent to a still-high 8.4 percent with about half the 22 million jobs lost to the coronavirus outbreak recovered so far.”

This indicates a likely “V” shaped recovery rather than a “U” shaped recovery. That’s a good thing because this economic rollercoaster can’t end soon enough. If scientists can get a vaccine out — which may be in November for front-line workers — we should see an even greater acceleration in recovery. 

Nevada can sure use it. The numbers out of Las Vegas are nothing short of staggering. MGM by itself eliminated 18,000 jobs. (As a sidebar, why are these numbers always so perfectly round? But, I digress.) Point is those jobs won’t be coming back until we can get tourists comfortable with travel. I’m  thinking a good six-month lag between the vaccine and time travel starts to get back to normal. 


Another surreal long weekend came and went — no parades, civic gatherings, picnics and speeches. I don’t want Labor Day to get too far away without reminding everyone exactly why we celebrate it. Here’s a note from my friend, Michael Zinzer, a labor attorney: 

“Let us remember that Labor Day is not a day to honor and celebrate ‘unions.’ This is a day to honor all working Americans …. 2020 has been a tough year for employees. The nationwide shutdown due to the Chinese Coronavirus was a colossal mistake. However, we are rebounding from that as millions are returning to the workplace. It is important that employees reclaim their precious right to work.”

Send us your hunting pictures this year.


As you know, hunting is a big deal in Nevada. Send us your hunting photos this year. Whether it is with the results of successful hunt, or just bonding pictures on an annual trip, we’d like to publish them. If you’ll send them to me at, I’ll get them to the correct Battle Born Media newspaper for you. 


— Sign seen on the back of a septic tank truck: “Caution: This truck is full of political promises.” 

— Remember that classmate from high school who said they’d only go out with you if the world was ending. This may be your year.

— I remember years ago telling my mom I’d won the Leslie Nielsen Award at school. “What’s that?” she asked. “It’s a big building with lots of teachers and pupils, but that’s not important right now”, I said.

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And with that whimsical observation on Nevada’s governor (I can’t look at him without thinking about the Wizard of Oz guy behind the curtain),  I’ll take my leave until next week. Thanks for reading. Stay safe. Mask up. 

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