Several months ago the Mineral County School District started a project to upgrade the lights at the football field.

The project started with a generous donation from Mt. Grant Electric to begin the task of replacing the lights that were originally installed around 1951. Mt. Grant Electric has volunteered to do the work to remove and replace the existing lights with new and modern energy saving lights. The new lights will be attached to six poles placed outside the playing area. The new poles have been ordered and paid for and will be here shortly. Next up is procuring the light fixtures. The light fixtures are the most expensive part of the project and cannot be ordered until the committee has the funds to pay for them which should happen in the near future.

After the lights are ordered and received crossbars will be custom made and the construction will begin sometime in November or early December with a completion date in January. To complete the project a new announcer booth will be built and installed on stilts so new bleachers can be added later. If each graduating class were to donate $500 this project could be completed with new and state of the art improvements and the committee can move forward with the next project.

Any group, organization, or individual may contact a committee member listed below or Karen Watson at 775-945-2403. All donations are tax deductable and go in and out of the district office and are audited by Mineral County School District.

Committee Members are: Keith Neville, Tyler Viani, Garth Price, John Gavin, Eric Hamrey, Vern Watson or Diane Rodrequez