Bureau of Land Management, their representatives and contractors were met with a full house of outdoor enthusiasts who are concerned about the Carson City District Draft Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement.

The Resource Management Plan (RMP) is used by BLM to manage the 4.8 million acres of land within their district. A scoping meeting was held in towns and cities within the district adding almost 1,700 comments or concerns regarding the area within our BLM district. Such concerns were: wild horses and burros; recreation and travel management; special status species and mineral resources, including geothermal.

These scoping comments were taken and comprised into the RMP which is for revie2w online at http://on.doi.gov/luYBNGT. The RMP shows areas what may be of concern to a species of animal; have wilderness characteristics or may be favorable for development of solar, wind or geothermal projects.

In reviewing the RMP, it also shows that areas which residents travel frequently could be shut off due to having “special” tags designated to the area.

A 120-day review of the document has begun with comments being accepted until March 27. If you are an outdoorsman and would like to continue to use areas for recreation – you are asked to comment. The same goes for those who are in favor of conserving lands which hold wilderness features.

Comments must be sent to BLM_NV_CCDO_RMP@blm.gov or by mail to: BLM Carson City District, Attn: CCD RMP, 5665 Morgan Mill Rd., Carson City, NV 89701.

Copies of the RMP can be found in the Nevada section at the Mineral County Library.