Heidi Bunch
Hawthorne’s Big Flag was at half-staff this week after the death of Senator John McCain.

Hawthorne’s “Big Flag” located in Veterans Memorial Park flew at half-staff after the passing of Senator John McCain on Aug. 25 after battling glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor, which was discovered in 2017.

McCain was the son and grandson of four-star admirals who were larger-than-life heroes whose name he carried into combat both while serving his country in Vietnam and serving in the political arena.

A naval aviator, McCain would become one of the most famous prisoners of war, while a Navy lieutenant commander who spent years being tortured after his plane was shot down over Hanoi.

He came home a war hero on crutches whose body was broken but his spirit was not.

“From his service in the United States Navy, the time he spent enduring torture as a Prisoner of War, and over decades as a elected official, Senator McCain always put the interests of his country before personal ambition, political alignment, or even his own safety. In a time when it is increasingly rare, John McCain was a statesman,” Rep. Ruben Kihuen (D-NV) released in a statement.

His mother, Roberta, would inspire McCain to enter the political realm. He would represent his state of Arizona in two terms with the House of Representatives from 1983 to 1987 and six terms in the U.S. Senate. He was a Republican who did not follow party lines and at times, compromised with the Democrats.

“No words can describe the loss of Senator John McCain, a man who I’ve had the honor of serving with in the United States Senate. Our country has lost an American war hero and a statesman who dedicated his life to serving a country that he deeply loved, and who fiercely advocated for our veterans and all of those who continue to defend our freedoms today. I join my colleagues in mourning the passing of our friends, and Lynne and I continue to pray for Cindy and the entire McCain family,” Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) stated.

In 2008, McCain entered into the largest political arena when he took on Barack Obama in the U.S. Presidential race. He would only gain 46 percent of the popular vote. He would return to his Senate duties and would often challenge now president, Donald J. Trump stating Trump was “unfit for the presidency.”

McCain is survived by his wife, Cindy; his mother, Roberta who is 106 years of age; seven children: Douglas and Andrew (adopted from his first marriage), John IV, James, Meghan and Bridget (adopted from a Bangladeshi orphanage) and five grandchildren.

“My time is slipping by. Yours is fast approaching. You will know where your duty lies. You will know,” McCain told midshipmen at a commencement address at Annapolis Naval Academy in 1993.