By Dave Maxwell 


Some people who are only part time residents of the Walker Lake community expressed displeasure recently about being assessed $25 monthly garbage bills when they are not full time residents. 

Speaking to the Mineral County Board of Commissioners Aug. 26 concerns were presented and asked of the board to take into consideration about “having to pay for something we seldom use.”

The Walker Lake General Improvement District suggested the people take their issues to the commission board who does have authority over a county ordinances

One person said, “The current county ordinance states what if you have a dwelling and are living there you will have garbage service.  With a lot of seasonal people at Walker Lake the GID regulated the matter that if you have an active water account you get billed for garbage.  If you don’t have an active water account, you are not billed.”

Act chairwoman Christine Hoferer said she felt another meeting was needed to further discus the concerns of the part-time residents of Walker Lake.

Some residents, who were not at the meeting, apparently have said they “do not want to pay for something they are not getting.”  We just take our trash to the dump and don’t want to have to pay for a garbage service we are not using because we are not in residence but only a few days a month.”

Mark Nixon of the Walker Lake GID said, “because there are a number of seasonal and recreational residents, what was done so that the full-time residents would not have to pay for the garbage service to the whole community, was to assess everyone a flat $25 monthly fee.”

One woman said, “We can turn off our water usage when we are not present, but we can’t turn off the garbage bill.”

Hoferer said the Walker Lake GID board was supposed to have discussed the matter at a meeting Aug. 3, but she did not have the minutes of the meeting to know if anything was decided.

She advised the non-permanent residents to get on the agenda of the next meeting of the Walker Lake GID to discuss the issue.