By Dave Maxwell

Banners and posters with pictures of the 2020 senior class of Mineral County High School will be allowed to be placed on poles along Main Street in Hawthorne.
The idea presented by Hawthorne Elementary principal Stephanie Keuhey was approved by the Board of County Commissioners at their regular meeting May 6.
Keuhey said the Mineral County Booster Club would pay for the entire cost of the project, “About $3,000, but no cost to the county.”
The maintenance staff from the school district has been given approval to hang the banners.
She said, Afterwards, the hanging materials, the bar and brackets would be donated back to the city. We thought it would a good way to also beautify Main Street. People could also donate signs of patriotic nature. Something that would add a little more character to a drive along Main Street. Right now, though, it will just be the senior banners.
Public Works Director Eric Hamrey asked that those putting up the new brackets would be careful not to interfere with the brackets that are already in place for hanging Christmas decorations.
Commissioner Christine Hoefer suggested the county could make an additional financial donation to the project of perhaps $1,000.
Motion was made by Garth Price and approved by the board.