By Dave Maxwell

Like other counties in the state, Mineral County is struggling with budget concerns, in part because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Discussions at the county commission meeting May 6 addressed several of the issues the county is presently facing.
Vice chair Christine Hoferer said the ending fund balance for the county does look pretty good although the drop in revenues from the collimated taxes will be lower than had been hoped for because of the impact the state shut down the past couple of months.
She recommended not filling a couple of open county positions right now, “until we see how hard we’re going to get hit with our revenues. We’re just really going into July 1 blind as to what our revenues are going to be.”
The board also did not recommend layoffs of county employees at present as Hoferer said she would rather “take a step back and not incur any other expenses until we know what we’re looking at.”
Board members thought it would be best to get more information in the weeks before the May 20 meeting.
In addition, a public hearing is regarding the county department budgets is to be held May 18 at which time department heads will put forth plans on further ways to cut back their operating budgets.