Dear Editor,

My numbers will be off before printing but the Coronavirus is spreading and we don’t know if the present administration is telling us the truth or not about the virus. Figures sent out on 2/28 said 83,000 cases reported worldwide and 2300 deaths. Doesn’t sound to bad except these numbers say in 1 of 30 cases the patient dies from the virus. We can all put together a list of 30 family members or friends and we don’t want any of them to get this virus. If the Coronavirus continues to spread and we add the flu numbers and the number of people worldwide who don’t have medical care available, including millions in the US, then this could get way out of hand.

Unfortunately this administration has no one in charge, including Pence, who has any experience to lead this fight against the virus. Funds have been cut by the President, important people have been laid off and this President thinks he can handle this problem himself. This President couldn’t take care of a bone spur so how can he fight a virus. I really hope I am wrong about all this but we will find out very soon. I especially wish all the seniors and small children around the world the hope and love to survive this.

Bud Twilling