Sean Rowe, Mineral County District Attorney, spoke at a State of the Counties event hosted by Northern Nevada Development Authority on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Managers from six counties met to provide snapshot of the region’s economy at the meeting.

Overall, it was explained that the outlook for the counties is positive due to continued growth in sales and property taxes, business development and low unemployment.

One common challenge felt by all counties participating was the lack of affordable housing.

“We’re seeing one room apartments go from $600 to $1,400,” Jim Barbee, county manager for Churchill County. “It is really doing our community damage.”

Barbee explained that Churchill County has set aside 30 acres outside Fallon’s city limits and is now looking for a developer to build housing.

Jeff Page, county manager for Lyon County explained, “We have issues with affordable housing or not the right type of housing. You can find places to buy but not to rent so we’re working with Yerington to find someone to build for rental market there.”

Douglas County has market-rate residential development projects on the horizon including up to 2,500 houses as part of an agreement with Park Ranch Holdings and up to 5,000 houses in the Painted Rock area of Storey County.

As the newest member of the Northern Nevada Development Authority, Rowe told those in attendance that Mineral County is “focusing on attracting light manufacturing, mining and support serves and tourism to boost its economy.”

“Mineral County is serious about joining with our regional partners and we look forward to working with you,” Rowe said.