On Nov. 27, Simeon M. Herskovits, attorney for Walker Lake Working Group (WLWG) filed a motion to intervene on behalf of the WLWG and Mineral County to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission relative to Premium Energy Holdings, LLC’s application for the proposed Walker Lake Pumped Storage Project.

The introduction to the motion reads: “It is important first to review the legal and environmental context in which Premium Energy’s preliminary application was filed, because any resulting impact to the health of Walker Lake Would occur in the context of an already stressed and severely over appropriated system which already is the subject of longstanding ongoing litigation under the Walker River Decree that seeks to restore the health of Walker Lake by requiring greater annual inflows from the Walker River Basin to the Lake. This context makes clear that there is not water available to supply newly permitted uses in the Walker River Basin, including that proposed by Premium Energy.”

In the motion it further states “Walker Lake is a rare desert terminus lake located in Mineral County that is one of Nevada’s and the western United States’ very few precious natural public waters. Its primary source of water is inflow from the Walker River.”

The 22 page document clearly defines the need to stop the proceedings by Premium Energy. WLWG is continuing its effort to restore Walker Lake to it’s a viable environmental sanctuary and economic resource to Mineral County. WLWG will continue working to save Walker Lake.