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Shown are Mick Rhodes and Heidi Johnson, Mineral County Fire Department staff installing smoke detectors in a building in Mineral County.

Most of us don’t think about smoke detectors until an incident or catastrophic happens, yet it is the job of Mineral County Fire Chief Chris Lawrence and his staff to worry about these small but lifesaving objects.

Most smoke detectors have a life expectancy of only 10 years and by that time, are already inadequate.

Lawrence expressed his concern for those who may be unable to check their detectors and wants to remind them that the fire department can come out and do that service at no cost.

“We just want to remind everyone that we have the smoke detector program. We can install up to three detectors in each house [at no cost],” Lawrence stated.

Homeowners need to just call the non-emergency line at 775-945-2497 or stop by 418 Mineral Way to speak to any of the fire department staff about this process.

“At this point we cannot install in apartments or rental properties,” he continued.

Not only will the department install the detectors, but they will also make sure that the residents have a plan in case of an emergency such as an earthquake.

The Independent-News followed the department as they installed smoke detectors in the bedrooms of a Hawthorne home. At no time did the fire fighters discuss the condition or contents of the home, they simply came in, tested the existing smoke detectors and installed new ones where needed. The resident of the home was given a dry erase pamphlet with information and had to simply sign that the detectors were installed in the home.

“Smoke detectors are needed for the early detection of smoke in your home, alerting your whole family that there is a problem, especially at night while everyone is asleep,” Lawrence stressed.