Mineral County Board of County Commissioner highlights for Sept. 4

Safety Message

Emergency Management Director Patrick Hughes gave the safety message about masa gatherings.

Public Comment

Deputy recorder-auditor Teresa McNally explained that her family is hosting a PJammin’ Day on Sept. 26 in memory of her granddaughter, Kendrik Wright.

Ryan Gavin explained that the car show with Motorhead’s has problems. He stated he would like Pepper’s Place to end the car show. Sheri Samson explained she has 160 pages of texts from Gavin. She said she needed to work within the boundaries and confinement of the El Capitan. Shelley Hartmann stated that she had been slandered and will be reading a letter into record. Cherrie George explained that the floors in the senior center are being replaced. A problem in the kitchen has occurred. She wanted to give kudos to Eric Hamrey and the workers in public works who came to the senior center to help out.

Accounts Payable

Recorder-Auditor Cindy Nixon and deputy recorder-auditor McNally presented the vouchers, credit card approval forms, capital outlay purchase orders and the auditor’s cash report to the commissioners. McNally explained that due to the new system, a coversheet is included with the utilities department vouchers.

Aging and Disability Grant

George, senior services director asked the commissioner for a formal letter to Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD) designating signatory authorities for all grant related documents. The commissioners will get a letter on commissioner letterhead to George.

Transportation Grant

George explained that Commissioner Christine Hoferer already signed for the approval/acceptance of Notice of Sub -Award (NOSA) for FY20 Transportation grant in the amount of $62,193 with match of $6,888 and case management grant in the amount of $45,128 with a match of $4,998 so that these documents can be returned in time. The commissioners made forgiveness and the item was approved.

Peppers Place

Commissioner Chris Hegg removed himself and disclosed that he is an owner of Peppers Place. The item agenda reads as follows, “For consideration and possible action relative to closure of C Street from 10th to Dollar General entrance for Peppers Place business Grand Opening.” Dede Hegg represented the business. She stated the grand opening is Sept. 14. Under Sheriff Bill Ferguson stated there would be no problems. Commissioner Garth Price made a motion to accept the road closure with the help of the sheriff’s office and search and rescue. Samson read a letter into record regarding the issue of the Motorhead’s car show versus the Peppers Place open house. She stated this cause confusion. Dede explained she had designed the poster after speaking to a Motorhead about this event. Gavin apologized for any confusion his efforts may have made in this issue. Hartmann explained there was a confidential letter of caution given to Commissioner Hegg from the ethics commission that she wanted on the record.


The minutes from Aug. 21 were approved.

Vending Machine

Starr Williams with the Coalition of Mineral County with health educators from the Southern Nevada District gave information on the harm reduction vending machine that will be placed in Mineral County on private property. A Power Point presentation was given to the commissioners regarding HIV and Hepatitis. Williams explained that there were 21 new cases of Hepatitis C in Mineral County from January until present. She believes most of these cases are for those under the age of 35. She believes that this is due to needle use. HIV testing is available through the high school, Naloxone – the opioid reversal drug is available at the fire house and harm reduction can be helpful to individuals on learning how to decrease your risks. “Harm Reduction is about saving lives”. The vending machine allows access to clean needles without an overhead cost and allow people to be comfortable getting a new needle without any questions or stigma. Besides needles, safe sex kits and wound kits will be available. Sharp containers are given with each kit. Naloxone will also be given to help reduce overdosing. Users will complete a paper form to find out their need of services. Once that is completed, a swipe card will be issued.

Sale of Parcel

Jeremy Williams asked the commissioners to entertain the possibility for the sale of parcel #001-0032-13. The commissioners allowed that this parcel be added to the clerk’s delinquent tax sale.

Armstrong Consultants, Inc.

Hamrey sat down with the commissioners to go over the professional service agreement with Armstrong Consultants, Inc. for the airport capital improvement plan. He explained that this is for the taxiway rehabilitation. The item was approved.

Business Licenses

The following business licenses were approved: T.T. Tutoring (Terry Thorpe); Nails by Mary Fitzgerald (Mary Fitzgerald); Sunless Beauty by Mary – mobile spray tan (Mary Fitzgerald) and Integrity Pest Management LLC – pest control (Sandra Plants).

Liquor License

The following liquor license was approved: Bourbon Street Bar (David Barnes) by the Mineral County Liquor Board.

Sale of Parcel

James Lydon asked the commissioner to entertain the possibility for the sale of parcels #001-384-14 and 001-271-06. The commissioners approved the parcels to be added to the clerk’s delinquent tax sale.

Walker Lake Trash

The first ready by title only of an ordinance to allow the Walker Lake GID to address garbage service in the Town of Walker Lake.

Longhorn Cattle

Price discussed the letter prepared by Commissioner Higbee that will be sent to the Bureau of Land Management regarding Dave Holmgren’s longhorn cattle. The only change is that the resource management plans paragraph needs to be removed as it does not apply to Mineral County.

Standards for Conversion

The first reading by title only of an ordinance establishing standards for conversion of manufactured homes to real property was read into record. The commissioners moved to schedule a public hearing.

Nuisance Condition – Walker Lake

Under Sheriff Bill Ferguson asked for approval to move forward to abate nuisance conditions at 181 Summitview at Walker Lake. Ferguson explained the history of the complaint. He would like to give the owner ten days to abate the nuisance. If landowner doesn’t comply then Mineral County will abate. Cost of the abatement will be put in a lien against the property.

Nuisance Condition – Hawthorne

Under Sheriff Ferguson asked for approval to move forward to abate nuisance conditions at 375 D Street in Hawthorne. Ferguson explained that Art Johnson was hired by the property owner. This item will be one the next agenda for an update.

Closed Session

The commissioners met pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 241.015(2)(b)(2) to receive information from legal counsel relative to potential or threatened litigation against Mineral County.

Open Session

The commissioners came out of closed session and advised there was nothing to report.

Zoning Change

Mark Nixon, planning commission chairman sought approval for a zoning change for Parcel APN 001-181-07. This is a residential property that was zoned commercial. The commissioners approved. Hoferer asked why this was commercial to begin with. Nixon explained that this dates back to the 1930’s as far as he’s seen.

Undersheriff Pay

Sheriff Randy Adams asked for incentive pay regarding the undersheriff. Adams explained that the undersheriff needs to be compensated after the deputies received a recent pay increase. Hegg stated he thinks that agenda item needs to be worded directly to state a pay increase instead of the word “incentive”. The sheriff will place the item on the next agenda.

Public Comment

Hartmann read a letter into record regarding “Open Session – Discussion and possible action relative to existing/pending litigation involving potential or threatened litigation against Mineral County.” She stated that there have been a growing number of litigations or complaints against Mineral County. In the letter she stated that Rowe is not performing his duties. She went on to state that Hegg and his representatives refrain from spreading rumors that Mineral County Economic Development Authority is not a nonprofit organization. The letter went on to state that the board of county commissioners illegally entered into a contract/agreement with Northern Nevada Development Authority. Mary Knowles Bowen asked that her three minutes be used for Hartmann to finish reading her letter. That action was denied but Bowen was allowed to continue reading the letter. The letter asked about Rowe’s silence and idleness. Beth Newman then took over the reading of Hartmann’s letter.