Finding the proper legal form online can be an ordeal, especially considering that the forms often vary from state to state and some online resources can be outdated or improperly labeled. At Mineral County Library, we’ve recognized this need and are proud to offer a new service: access to the Legal Information Reference Center, an online database of forms and other legal resources. The acquisition of this database was made possible by funds provided by the Nevada State Legislature through the Nevada State Library’s Collection Development Grant program. Biennium allocations are determined by the legislature to provide libraries with funds to ensure wellrounded, complete, and current collections for their communities. Mineral County Library is grateful that the Nevada State Legislature is committed to the success of Nevada libraries.

The Legal Information Reference Center is available on all library computers, as well as patrons’ home computers provided that they log in using their library card number. To gain access, users should navigate to and click on “Branch” at the upper left corner of the page. Select “Mineral County Library,” and on the right side of the new page, click “Databases – Mineral.” The Legal Information Reference Center is the first link, and clicking that link will take users to a sign-in page, where they can enter their card number in the “Patron ID” form.

Once logged into the database, patrons can search for a specific form, or they can browse topics to find all forms related to a certain subject. It’s also possible to search by state, which can limit results to Nevada or allow users to manage their affairs beyond our state’s borders.

The Legal Information Reference Center is a valuable and welcome addition to Mineral County Library’s existing collection of online databases, which includes Mango’s language learning software, free music downloads via the Freegal app, educational resources for learners of all ages including access to academic and professional journals, up -to-date health information, and several other reference sources.

Library staff members are happy to help patrons navigate to all these resources and more.