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The Hawthorne Stingrays hosted a swim meet on June 29 at the local pool.

Hawthorne swimmers ended the short competitive season as hosts of the region’s medal meet on Saturday, June 29. Nearly 120 swimmers competed in the day-long event held at the Hawthorne Swimming Pool at Lions Park.

Event Number 1 a boy’s mixed relay was won by Lovelock swim team with a time of 1:32.50. Hawthorne Stingrays had two teams in this event: Team A with Hector Martinez, Jayden Waggoner, Reese Holton and Brennan Dore’ and Team B with Mickey Boyles, Wesley Burrell, Mason Hall and Willie Dennis. They placed 4th and 5th, respectively.

Event Number 2 a girls relay was won by the Desert Fish swim team from Yerington with a time of 1:24.90. Hawthorne Stingrays also had two teams in this event: Team A with Alexa Muniz, Maggie Hoferer, Shannon Straw and Madeline Bennett placed 4th and Team B with Madilynn Hall, Addison Bostic, Aubrey Waggoner and Sofia Castillo-Trujillo placing 8th.

Event Number 3, boys six and under butterfly saw Boyles from Hawthorne take a silver medal with a time of 38.90. Event Number 4, girls six and under butterfly resulted in Hawthorne swimmers sweeping all three medals; Madilynn, gold; Colbie Hagen, silver and Addison Bostic, bronze. Martinez took bronze in event Number 5, boys 7-8 25-meter butterfly with a time of 35.62. Mason took 10th, Colin Crittenden, 12th and Cohen Hagen 13th in this event. Event Number 6, girls 7-8 25-meter butterfly was represented with Stingray swimmers Aubrey, 7th place; Nevada Viani, 8th place and Kyla Doyle 10th Place. Rounding out the 25-meter butterfly competitions in Event No 8 was Hoferer, 5th and Holton, 9th.

Event Number 9, boys 11-12 50-meter butterfly saw Jayden swimming in his first competition placing 4th, Holton, placing 7th and Dennis, placing 8th. Straw took gold in event Number 10 with a time of 44.13 in the 50-meter butterfly. Shawna Clark placed 11th. Dore’ took 4th in event Number 11 with a time of 1:03.73. Finishing the butterfly events, Madisyn Carlson took silver with a time of 44.31, Madeline Bennett placed 6th, and Castillo-Trujillo placed 8th.

Hawthorne Stingray backstrokers did well: Boyles took silver with a time of 41.63; Madilynn took gold with a time of 46.62; Colbie won bronze with a time of 1.09.07; Martinez won gold with a time of 29.54; Burrall took 7th; Mason took 8th and Cohen placed 10th. Doyle placed 5th, Viani placed 7th, Aubrey, placed 10th. In the 50-meter competitions Hoferer placed 4th and Jordan placed 8th. Reese won silver, Jayden placed 7th and Dennis placed 10th. Straw took the gold with a time of 45.61, and Clark placed 13th. Dore’ received the bronze in his backstroke race as did Madeline Bennett. Carlson placed 5th, and Castillo-Trujillo placed 6th.

Results for the individual medley, which requires swimmers to complete one length of all four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle are as follows. This event is considered the most difficult and all six and under swimmers competed in the 8-year old category. Martinez won silver with a time of 2:51.14; Burrall, 5th with a time of 3:04.91; Boyles, 7th with a time of 3:13.05, Mason with a time of 3:39.55; Jayden, 5th with a time of 2;05.65; Reese, 7th with a time of 2:14.53, Dennis, 8th with a time of 3:29.81 and Dore’ won a bronze medal with a time of 2:05.55

Girls individual medley results: Muniz, 4th with a time of 3:48.00; Viani, 5th with a time of 3:48.36, Madilynn 6th with a time of 3:59.64; Doyle, 7th with a time of 4:02.79; Aubrey, 8th with a time of 4:34.58; Colbie, 11th with a time of 5:08.36; Hoferer, 5th with a time of 2.48.75; Jordan, 7th with a time of 3:24.09; Straw, gold medal with a time of 1:42.88; Clark, 11th with a time of 2:38.66; Bennett bronze with a time of 1:37.58; Carlson, 4th with a time of 1:40.67 and Castillo-Trujillo, 9th with a time of 1:47.69.

Event number 37 boys 6 and under 25-meter breaststroke was won by Boyles with a time of 35.07. Hall won event number 38 girls 25-meter breaststroke and brought home another gold medal with a time of 1:09.61; Colbie won bronze with a time of 1:21.60 and Bostic placed 4th with a time of 1:25.58. Martinez took silver in event 39 with a time of 33.81; Mason took 6th with a time of 37.11; Burall took 9th with a time of 40.55 and Cohen placed 13th with a time of 50.10. In event 40 Hawthorne swimmers placed 9th (Aubrey, time 48.55), 10th (Muniz, time 49.43), 11th (Viani, time 52.37) and 13th (Doyle, time 57.69). In event number 42, Hoferer placed 8th, time 44.36 and Jordan placed 9th with a time of 45.36. Jayden received the gold medal in event number 43 boy’s 50-meter breaststroke with Holton placing 9th and Dennis placing 11th. Straw continued her medal collection with silver in event number 44 with a time of 55.64 and Clark placed 8th. Dore’ placed 4th in event number 45 and the 15-18-year old girls placed 4th (Bennett, time 48.96), 8th (Carlson, time 53.34) and 11th (Castillo-Trujillo, time 55.29).

Freestyle competitions rounded out the meet with the following results: Mickey Boyles, gold; Addison Bostic, gold; Madilynn Hall, silver; Colbie Hagen, bronze; Hector Martinez, 4th; Mason Hall, 5th; Wesley Burrall, 6th; Cohen Hagen, 11th; Nevada Viani, 5th; Kyla Doyle, 7th; Alexa Muniz, tied for 9th; Aubrey Waggoner, 14th; Maggie Hoferer, 6th; Jordan Holton, 9th; Jayden Waggoner, 8th; Willie Dennis, 10th; Shannon Straw, gold; Shawna Clark, 12th; Brennan Dore’, 4th; Madisyn Carlson, silver; Madeline Bennett, 4th; and Sofia Castillo-Trujillo, 9th.

The freestyle relays concluded the day with the Stingrays taking the bronze in event 62, 7-8 100-meter relay with the team of Martinez, Doyle, Hall and Aubrey; 5th in event 64, 11-12 100-meter relay; 4th in event number 65 age 13-14 relay. Taking bronze in the final race of the season in event number 66 were Carlson, Castillo-Trujillo, Reese Holton and Bennett.

The team celebrated and acknowledged the final meet of the swimming career of 18-year-old Bennett. Bennett was a member of the team for 12 years and will be a sophomore at the University of Nevada, Reno in the fall. The coaches each volunteer a large amount of time during the month of June to assist the swimmers: Jim Bennett, Marty Waggoner, Skylar Bryan and Kathy Trujillo, who also served as the facilitator for the team and coordinated the medal meet. Debbie Bennett was also on deck daily and offered individual support to new swimmers. The Stingrays offer special thanks to the many volunteers it takes to run the ready bench; time each event; pass out the event cards; write out ribbons; run the computer; start and announce the events and results. In addition to their regular lifeguarding duties during each practice during the season, the lifeguards helped run the cards during the medal meet. Thanks also to the families who support the Stingrays and commit time and money to attend daily practice sessions, participate in a short season with travel required.

The Hawthorne Junior High Dream Team ran a successful concession offering hundreds of hot dogs, hamburgers and snow cones to the participants and their families and Mineral County Park and Recreation made sure the swimming pool facility and the outdoor grounds were in shape for the meet. Many thanks to both organizations for their support. The team also acknowledges the Round Mountain Swim Team and Financial Horizons Credit Union for their financial support this year.