Cecil, shown being guided through the Nevada Day Parade many years ago.

Cecil will be making his appearance at the Nevada Day Parade, held every year in Carson City to celebrate Nevada’s Birthday on Oct. 31.

Glenn Bunch, who drives the Hawthorne mascot, met with the county commissioners on Sept. 18 to ask permission to use county equipment to haul him down for the 2019 festivities.

He explained that Sen. Mark Amodei reached out and asked him to bring Cecil to the parade as has many fans that would like to see him in Carson City.

Commissioner Garth Price explained that at the Nevada Association of Counties meeting, Gov. Steve Sisolak would like to have an entry from each county. The $65 parade entry fee will be waived.

Bunch asked Public Works Director Eric Hamrey explained he may have an employee that can help, so Bunch will move forward with the Nevada Department of Transportation permit.

The commissioners made a motion to allow county equipment to be used to take Cecil to Carson City as well as paying employee wages. Larry Grant with Hawthorne Utilities will be available for piloting him across Nevada.

The commissioners voted in favor of allowing Cecil to wow visitors as he had in the past, on Saturday, Oct. 26 at the Nevada Day Parade.