The State of Nevada Commission on Ethics rendered a review panel determination on an ethics complaint filed against Mineral County Board of County Commissioner Chris Hegg.

The complaint was received by the ethics commission on April 17 alleging that Hegg was in violation of the Ethics in Government Law, found in Nevada Revised Statute Chapter 281A.

The ethics commission opened and investigation on June 3.

The determination does not specifically site what the original complaint was regarding, but according to the review panel determination it states, “the complaint alleged that Hegg misused his public position to improperly influence subordinates to seek favors and/or affect his private pecuniary interests in his business, including matters related to his business competitors and matters involving county employees who were responsible for inspecting and approving the construction of his business.”

On Aug. 21, the review panel which consisted of Brian Duffrin, presiding officer; Teresa Lowery, Esq. and Amanda Yen, Esq. reviewed all documentation and found that the facts did not support a “determination that just and sufficient cause exists for the commission to render an opinion in the matter regarding the alleged violation of NRS 281.400(1), (2) and (9). Accordingly, these allegations are dismissed.”

Though the allegations were dismissed, Hegg was issued a confidential letter of caution in the matter to “ensure proper separation between Hegg’s role as a county commissioner and matters affecting his private business, including business competitors.”

Hegg ran for the county commissioner Seat A in 2016 and began his term after winning the seat in 2017. He is currently the chairman for the county board of commissioners.