State Beach and the old National Guard Armory Building were discussed at the recessed meeting of the Mineral County Board of County Commissioners on Jan. 5.

Commissioner Jerrie Tipton explained that she was approached at the SLUPAC meeting and explained to the other commissioners that the state was ready to give State Beach at Walker Lake to Mineral County along with the old National Guard Armory Building which now houses Mineral County Juvenile Probation.

The 200 acres +/- at State Beach, which was once privately owned, had a stipulation that the area must be used for public access forever.

State of Nevada officials have asked the Mineral County Commissioners if they are still in agreeance of taking over the property and if so, if they could wait two more years in order to get the legal wording correct.

Tipton stated, “If we are in agreement, we need to let the state know. “

Discussion began with Commissioner Cliff Cichowlaz stating, “We won’t have access when it [Walker Lake] gets down to a puddle. I’m predicting the puddle will be in that area and the only access will be in that area [of State Beach]. If the county wants access to that puddle, better take the land.”

It was explained that the State of Nevada will begin stripping the area of the cabanas and picnic tables to take to Lake Lahontan, near Fallon. The only item left will be the concrete slabs.

Tipton stated, “I don’t care as long as they leave the concrete because I think if the county takes over as manager for two years then in two years it becomes county land, we are looking at a garbage dump. It will be a duty for public works or utilities department.

She continued, “So for me, and part of me says, if Mineral County had had that land during the last ten years…”

“…then we would have been partners in the whole thing.” Cichowlaz finishes Tipton’s sentence.
“That’s right it gives us a foot hold along the lake.” Tipton finished.

Mineral County will become the caretaker of the property for two years until a new bill draft is presented in 2017.

Currently, Mineral County is moving forward with the 2015 bill draft of securing the Armory off Armory Road.