Courtesy Photo
Marty Waggoner shares in his mother’s winning “Go-Devil” mini motor bike, as his children Aubrey and Cameron rev-up for the fun times ahead.

There was nothing dull about the Mineral County Motorhead’s raffle and cruise night, held Saturday, July 27 in the El Capitan’s parking lot. With music grooving and vehicles of all models, styles, conditions and years lined up, many joined in the summer fun, to talk cars and share their vehicle projects.

The evening was graced by a special guest appearance from three-year old Tylie Mize, who holds the year-long title of 2019 Teeny Miss Armed Forces. She arrived to a crowd, busy purchasing last minute raffle tickets and buzzing with shop-talk about the two parking lots full of local cars and trucks.

Mize quickly began enjoying her favorite car picks, while modeling for the owners and entertaining the crowd with her charming smile. At seven p.m. Mize had the honor of drawing the raffle ticket winners from a circular cage filled with over 400 pre-purchased tickets.

One of the higher-valued, donated items, was the coveted and rare, 1964 vintage Fuji Motors “Go-Devil” Pocket Mini Bike won by Melissa Brusven. Many in the crowd knew Brusven, but when she wasn’t in attendance a phone message was left, alerting her to the winning ticket. Within 15 minutes, Marty Waggoner, local teacher and coach from Mineral County High School, stepped up to the main booth with his two children in tow, stating, “I think my mother won something and I am here to pick it up.”

Without hesitation, many of the Motorhead helpers jumped up and guided them to their two-wheeled prize, as Waggoner’s two children, Aubrey, age nine and Cameron, age six, shrieked with joy upon seeing it. Both kids couldn’t wait to jump on, as their dad smiled and laughed. As he gazed down at the odd, 53-year old, fold-up-styled mini bike, one crowd member told Waggoner, “It’s so unusual and dorky looking, it’s just way cool.”

As the crowd gathered around to observe their reaction, club president Randy Samson began showing them the original paperwork from the bike and giving some basic instructions, but when asking Waggoner if he wanted to take it for a ride around the parking lot, he quickly declined stating, “My mother already said, she has to be the first one to ride it.”