Digital Media

The Mineral County Library is offering training in the use of its new digital video equipment.

On a recent Saturday, the Mineral County Library held a camera seminar to train people in the use of the digital camera equipment purchased through a project made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Nevada State Library and Archives. The seminar was videotaped so that a camera how-to video will be made available for patrons to study before using the equipment within the library. The target population for this project is the teen advisory board that is currently in development. Once these teens receive training in use of the media production equipment, they can then help others interested in trying their hand at filming.

The library has been developing a media production suite to meet the digital literacy needs of its patrons. The skill necessary for operating a digital camera is a valuable component of digital literacy. Young people who are comfortable using cameras will have an advantage when they attend college. Many college courses, no matter what program of study, provide opportunities for digital projects. The library hopes to mentor young patrons with those digital literacy skills that will help them to be a success no matter what they do.

Digital literacy affords an advantage to all ages. Possession of a certain level of digital literacy is necessary when looking to find jobs. Throughout their lives, patrons will find many opportunities to make use of knowledge of a digital camera and editing software: a class assignment may be enhanced by a multimedia project; a video portfolio or audition tape may lead to a career; a video greeting card for distant friends or relatives could be filmed and produced.

Once the how-to video is edited and available for use, users will be able to schedule time in one of our meeting rooms and register to use an array of equipment to help them film their own special project. The equipment includes a Blackmagic Production camera and tripod, a green screen setup, audio boom pole, and an editing station with Adobe Creative Suite editing software and earphones. The library staff has plans for use of the equipment in covering library events and special programs to extend the availability of programs. If you have questions regarding the use of equipment, call director Courtney Oberhansli at 945-2778.