Mineral County Board of County Commissioner Highlights from June 25

Budget Transfers

Mineral County Recorder-Auditor Cindy Nixon and Deputy Recorder-Auditor Hillary Pellett met with the commissioners for consideration and possible action on any necessary budget transfers and/or resolution for augmentations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019. Pellett stated that there were four augmentations that needed to be approved. Those were for: Hawthorne Town; Cooperative Extension; General Indigent and Assessor Technology Fund. Clerk-Treasurer Chris Nepper read the resolution for augmentation for the funds into record and was approved.

Utilities Office Budget Transfers

Ana Fitzgerald, Hawthorne Utilities Office Manager met with the commissioners to discuss necessary budget transfers and/or resolutions augmentation from restricted cash for Hawthorne Utilities and Mina/Luning Water Systems for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019. Fitzgerald explained which funds needed transfers. Hoferer read the resolutions into record.

Public Comment

Hoferer applauded those that were fighting the Hawthorne landfill fire.

Mineral County Board of County Commissioner Highlights from July 3

Safety Message

Emergency Manager Patrick Hughes gave the safety message regarding fatigue.

Public Comment

Diane Arvizo with Nevada Rural Housing Authority spoke to the commissioners about the transfer of any unused private activity bond cap to Nevada Rural Housing Authority. She explained that the Davis Family in Mina will receive a check for $2,000 from her organization. Larry Grant, Director of Hawthorne Utilities told the commissioners that the Mina well has been “put back together.” Rick Niedzwiecki asked the commissioners what is happening with the drainage ditch behind the “Barney tract”.

Accounts Payable

Nixon and Deputy Recorder-Auditor Teresa McNally presented the board with vouchers. One capital outlay was presented from Wagners Hardware for $7,234 for the cemetery fence which was approved on the last budget. McNally asked for departments who are unsure of how to properly fill out vouchers to come see her.

Landfill Inspections

Grant gave an update/review of the 2019 Nevada Department of Environmental Protection inspections of the Hawthorne landfill, Mina landfill and Mina-Luning waste bin facility held on May 23. Grant discussed the findings. First Aid and CPR training needs to be done yearly. Training will be given by the fire department.


Fire Chief Chris Lawrence requested that the commissioner authorize and accept the USDA letter of conditions and sign the related obligations for funding by the USDA-Rural Development Community Facilities programs to purchase an ambulance. The total cost of the project is not to exceed $130,000 and the amount of funding requested is $50,000. Cost of the ambulance is $117,904.20 with a new chassis and a refurbished ambulance box. Hoferer and District Attorney Sean Rowe both noticed that the agenda item is written to where funding can only be $50,000 instead of the requested $67,904.20 out of the fire department budget. The item was not approved and Lawrence was asked to bring it back in front of the board.

Wildland Fire

Lawrence wanted to discuss the agreement with Bureau of Land Management regarding staffing and pay for wildland fire assignments. Recorder-Auditor Tammy Hamrey joined him. She stated that on the payroll side, she has no problem on her end. The motion passed.

Ban of Billboards

Mark Nixon, chairman of the Mineral County Regional Planning Commission asked the commissioners to approve amendment #17.46 to ban billboards at the town of Walker Lake as requested by the planning commission. An ordinance was proposed.

Museum Computer

Kellie Zuniga, museum director approached the commissioners about purchasing a new computer from the museum gift account. Item was approved.

Phone Contract

Jim Nugent with CC Communications met with the commissioners relative to the expired contract for phone service. Bret Towe, IT director explained that there are some phones in Mineral County that can be discontinued including some phones which are not accounted for. With the findings that Towe presented, it will save the county $475.95 a month. Hoferer made a motion to enter into a one-year contract with Nugent beginning July 1, 2019 ending June 30, 2020. Motion passed.

Retirement Contribution

Tammy Hamrey discussed the public employees retirement contribution rate change certification for 2019/2020. She explained that regular employees rate increase went from 28 percent to 29.25 percent. Police/fire went from 40.5 percent to 42.5 percent. She explained that she needs to send in the form where Mineral County pays that portion of the increase. Hoferer explained the whole increase process to those in attendance. The county will do an ‘in-lieu of’ form of an equivalent pay increase.

Hawthorne Sign

Price asked for public works to help the sportsmans club/Lions Club from several locations for Hawthorne sign on 10th and Main Streets. A bronze Desert Big Horn Sheep will be donated by the Mineral County Sportsmans Club. Lions Club will do the landscaping. Eric Hamrey asked where the rocks are located and will he need permission from the owners/ government staff. Jean Peterson said she will contact Mt. Grant Electric and get a letter stating the county has permission to remove rocks from his property. Rob Mathias asked about the protection of the sign due to recent accidents with the “Community Christmas Tree.”

Walker Lake Complaints

The commissioners agendized “for consideration and possible action relative to update on referrals from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection regarding Walker Lake Township complaints.” Nothing was discussed as the building inspector was not available. This will be back on a later agenda.

State Beach

Eric Hamrey brought forth agenda item for discussion and possible action relative to State Beach (aka Monument Beach) agreement with Mineral County, land transfer Mineral County and agreement with Sportmans Club. Nevada State Parks went over the history of State Beach and grants available. Mineral County Sportsmans Club gave the commissioners an overview of what they would help with if the land was dedicated back to Mineral County. A letter is to be drafted to Nevada State Parks for a transfer of the lands to Mineral County.

Closed Session

Pursuant to NRS 288.220 to discuss/review all labor/bargaining unit contracts, grievances and negotiations the commissioners went into closed session.

Open Session

The commissioners came back into open session. Nothing was reported.