A weeklong investigation led to the arrest of a local handyman, who had lived in the Hawthorne area under an alias.

Mario Gomez Calderon, aka Smiley, was arrested by Mineral County Sheriff’s Office deputies on Sept. 18 after information was received that he had been living in Mineral County and using a false name. It was first reported that he was wanted for murder.

The week long investigation came to a close with the arrest of Calderon, who was booked into the Mineral County Jail on charges of possession of a dangerous drug without a prescription; ex-felon in possession of a firearm; obstruction of a peace officer; impersonating another and possession of false identification. Calderon’s bail was set at $34,780 for Mineral County charges.

It was concluded that Calderon had been living in Mineral County for approximately four years under the name of another.

Investigation members would conclude that Calderon was not wanted for murder in Arizona, however, he did have an active warrant for three different narcotic charges and two weapons charges. The bail on the warrant was set at $10,000.

“This was a complicated investigation and all the member’s of the sheriff’s office involved did an outstanding job bringing it to a safe conclusion,” said Sheriff Randy Adams.